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Wet Etching and Cleaning Filtration Solutions

Cleaning solutions for disinfection systems such as circulating chemical baths, high-pressure jet sprays, and mechanical washing systems are provided by Alfa Chemistry wet etching cleaning filters. To successfully clean the wafer surface, good filtration is required to maintain the chemical bath free of particulates. The Alfa Chemistry wet etching cleaning filter effectively removes contaminants in the chemical bath that degrade the PV surface's electrical performance. Increase yield by improving the surface cleanliness of solar wafers through particle removal.

Learn About Our Technology and Products

Chemical filtering for circulating bath processing of crystalline silicon cells

During the cleaning and etching operations, the Alfa Chemistry filter actively decreases particle contamination on the wafer surface by building a barrier to block contaminants. Protecting vital orifices (such as cleaning nozzles) is an important step in minimizing clogs and unplanned equipment downtime. The fluid recovery efficiency in the circulating bath can be enhanced by using an effective filtering device in the loop. Bath chemicals' service life can be considerably increased with filtering. Filtration can also provide cleaner baths, which can improve wafer quality by preventing flaws from spreading to the wafer surface from impurities in chemicals.

Wet Etching and Cleaning

Filter for etching and texturing saw damage

Profile A/S filters are perfect for alkali texturing because they are specifically developed to give a cost-effective solution for hot and/or highly polluted corrosive chemicals.

Diffusion filtering of phosphorus, oxide etching, and edge isolation

  • The Claris series filter element has an all-polypropylene graded pore structure that can increase the filter element's service life. The structure contains no surfactants, adhesives, or adhesives, making the medium safer and less likely to cause chemical reactions.
  • The Nexis T series filter elements are comparable to Claris filters, but they can resist higher temperatures and pressure fluctuations, making them suitable for a wide range of harsh process conditions.
  • The Profile II filter is made entirely of polypropylene and has a high porosity, allowing it to last longer.

The structure contains no surfactants, adhesives, or adhesives, making the medium safer and less likely to cause chemical reactions.

Filter with an anti-reflective coating

Molecular contamination in hydrogen and silane gases used to generate anti-reflective coatings or amorphous silicon films can result in a variety of process issues, including uneven coatings and other particle-related flaws. The Alfa Chemistry II purifier lowers the moisture and oxygen content of hydrogen and silane gas to less than one part per billion. Trace amounts of siloxane and doped metals such as As, P, Al, and B can also be removed from the silane by the purifier.The Alfa Chemistry Light series of filter modules are designed to provide the most advanced gas filtration for the photovoltaic market while minimizing costs.

Housing Recommendation

  • Available in polypropylene, PVDF and PFA
  • Available in 10 inches and 20 inches
  • Can be used for manifold connection

Learn About the Benefits of Our Products

The benefits of using our products include but are not limited to the following:

Enhance process stability

Improve regional/process efficiency

Extend chemical life

Reduce hard drive defects

Reduce unplanned equipment downtime

Wet Etching and Cleaning

In essential cleaning systems, the Alfa Chemistry wet etch cleaning filter eliminates faults that create pollutants. Learn how to better control production conditions to improve operating efficiency and PV yield by contacting Alfa Chemistry experts.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.