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Filtration Membranes and Materials for Medical OEM

Alfa Chemistry has been a global leader in the supply of high-quality, consistent microporous membranes and medical equipment to the healthcare industry for many years. We produce a variety of filter materials for medical applications and recognize that the filter media must come into contact with chemicals, sealing materials, and sterilizing process compatible final equipment. Pore size, protein binding capacity, chemical compatibility, flow rate and flux, and extractables are just a few of the many factors to consider when selecting an appropriate membrane for medical applications such as liquid filtration, exhaust, and gas filtration.

Medical OEM Membranes and Materials

Based on surface chemistry and pore size, our materials provide a range of performance characteristics and are compatible with a variety of sealing technologies and sterilization processes. In applications such as drug distribution, drug mixing, ventilation, pollution control, odor removal, and equipment protection, a variety of hydrophilic and hydrophobic membranes can improve the performance of your finished products. Our large OEM material portfolio, which is manufactured to tight specifications under strict quality standards for the healthcare industry, allows for design flexibility, lowers development project costs, and meets important requirements for medical applications.

Liquid Filtration Membranes

Membranes used in healthcare contexts for fluid applications may need to limit the danger of bacterial contamination or retain bigger particles generated by various drug combinations used in inpatient treatment. The efficacy of your finished equipment will be determined by the numerous performance characteristics of the chosen membrane. Alfa Chemistry can make materials with high flow rates, absolute pore sizes, biocompatibility, non-shedding, low extractables, and low or high binding properties.

For decades, major manufacturers have relied on our liquid filtration membranes to assure the safe and successful management of intravenous pharmaceutical formulations. Our products help reduce the danger of contamination and the chance of costly secondary infections that might occur during infusion therapy when utilized in online venous filtration. Membranes having a sterilization grade are required to prevent illnesses from spreading through bacterially tainted liquids.

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Air and Gas Membrane Filtration

Alfa Chemistry knows the dynamic science of air and gas membrane filtration solutions as a long-time pioneer in the development of filter materials for healthcare applications. Hydrophobic membranes may be required in finished equipment for exhaust and gas distribution applications to protect equipment and medical personnel, as well as to limit patient comfort and prevent pollution.

Air and Gas Membrane Filtration

The following factors should be considered when choosing filter materials for these applications: a membrane with a high airflow rate and a modest pressure drop on the membrane surface, an excellent water intrusion pressure rating, and a sterilizing compatibility technique. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and ultra-low permeability air (UPLA) air and gas delivery membranes can help you get your final equipment to market faster.

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