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Filtration Solutions for Air/Water Quality Testing

Alfa Chemistry's environmental quality control technology solutions can provide customers with reliability and cost savings to achieve efficient test procedures and consistent air and water monitoring. Our products focus on obtaining reliable results through easy-to-use technology.

Why Do We Need Environmental Quality Control?

Air quality is a major issue worldwide. Its known impact on health and environmental issues means that it cannot be ignored. Accurate analysis of pollutants in the air, such as silica, asbestos, and dust, which is an essential environmental quality control process. It is necessary to comply with air quality regulations.

Water quality is also the most concerning issue for individuals, families, businesses, and governments, especially groundwater because it is used as a source of drinking water. Heavy metal pollution of groundwater is a problem around landfills, factories and previously contaminated sites. Monitoring heavy metals around landfills and factories can ensure that unnecessary metals do not seep into the surrounding groundwater, and can ensure that remedial measures effectively reduce the spread of pollution.

Environmental Quality Control

Air/Water Pollutant Analysis

Reliable data is the key to ensuring correct action. Alfa Chemistry's products for microbial monitoring and testing are designed to meet and often exceed the stringent requirements of water or product testing regulations. Our products are easy to use and help end-users avoid mistakes. Our groundwater analysis products are referenced by methods all over the world and set industry standards for performance.

Groundwater and Wastewater Analysis

Our groundwater test capsules can quickly filter low-level metal extractables, which are widely used in the analysis of dissolved metals in groundwater. Our versatile groundwater sampling product line ensures that it is suitable for your sampling situation, regardless of volume or particle level. Our capsule products provide metal certification to ensure that the product will not add metal to the sample before analysis. If you prefer reusable hardware, we offer a full range of filter holders and filter funnels as well as reliable membrane and glass fiber filters.

In addition, our Water Testing Laboratories can also provide you with wastewater treatment services. Contact us to learn more.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.