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Filtration Solutions for Life Science Research

The filtration/separation products from Alfa Chemistry make life science research workflows easier. We offer a wide range of life science research items to help customers simplify sample preparation, assure sterility, and speed up various workflow analytics.

DNA and RNA Purification

Second-generation sequencing technology can capture massive volumes of sequencing data in a short amount of time, allowing us to gain a better understanding of the species' genome and gene structure as well as a plethora of genetic data. Alfa Chemistry offers a comprehensive range of DNA and RNA purification products to help you with your next-generation sequencing research.

Pharmaceutical Filtration

Filtration is an essential stage in the process of pharmaceutical and biological science research. Alfa Chemistry has become the preferred provider of filters, membranes, and filtration equipment for the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its extensive technological expertise in filtering membranes and equipment. Our product portfolio's quality meets the assurance of good manufacturing practices as well as a variety of criteria.

Protein Sample Preparation and Detection

Protein Sample Preparation and Detection

Filtration, analysis, and purification are all significant hurdles in protein synthesis and detection. Alfa Chemistry offers dependable, high-performance protein filtering products that can help you accelerate and simplify the discovery of novel drugs. For basic research and proteomics, we also offer a variety of sample preparation and testing methods.

Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Filter membranes are available from Alfa Chemistry for sterilizing liquid reagents, removing particle impurities, and clarifying solutions. These items are designed to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical and sterile filtering applications. When compared to competing filtering equipment, it performs admirably.

Drug Development Research

Researchers must promptly find biotherapeutics and choose drug candidates in order to lower the cost of drug development. The key to increasing efficiency is to rapidly establish clonal cell lines with high concentrations and high-quality recombinant protein, as well as to fast select out clonal candidates that may fail.

Alfa Chemistry's laboratory solutions aid in the creation of cell lines and the selection of clones. The problems of DNA/RNA and protein sample preparation are solved by high-performance filter membranes and centrifugal machines. The filtering system keeps it sterile while making cell culture product harvesting, clarity, and purification easier.

Laboratory TFF

Laboratory TFF

From chemical precipitation sample concentration or dialysis buffer exchange to the utilization of ultrafiltration membrane pressure-driven purification cross-flow systems, protein purification technology has progressed. TFF (tangential flow filtration) is an ultrafiltration technique. Alfa Chemistry investigates tangential flow filtration and offers superior laboratory TFF solutions.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.