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Industrial Filtration Solutions

Alfa Chemistry's filtering products may also find use in the industrial sector. Superior filtration solutions can ensure the purity of chemical and polymer products. To increase the quality of the final product, each step of the polymer synthesis process requires effective separation and filtration of its raw materials, intermediate products, and process fluids.

Alfa Chemistry offers high-quality filtering solutions to help you increase the efficiency of your chemical process, from the purification of raw materials and catalysts through the elimination of pollutants in intermediate polymer manufacturing steps. Chemical and polymer filtration and separation technology can considerably improve the quality of chemical and polymer products.

Industrial Filtration

The presence of contaminants such as water and particles, which will directly affect every step of the process, is particularly sensitive to the chemical process. Alfa Chemistry filtration solutions are engineered to improve pollutant removal efficiency while also extending service life, resulting in truly simplified experimental results. Contaminants in raw materials, catalysts, and industrial solvents, for example, might interfere with reaction efficiency and lower product quality in the production of liquid hydrocarbon products. Filtering these pollutants out of the raw materials at the start of the operation can decrease the harmful impacts greatly.

To remove impurities from all processes of polymer synthesis, we deliver solutions that make use of our extensive filtering and separation technology knowledge. Coalescers, hollow fiber filter filters, and other items, for example, have been shown to improve production efficiency and ultimate product quality by providing superior filtration and separation.