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Filtration Solutions for Microbiological Quality Control

Whether you are performing bioburden testing of the latest vaccines, analyzing spoilage organisms in food samples, or confirming the safety of municipal water supplies, we understand that maximizing efficiency and controlling pollution are essential for microbiology applications. Therefore, Alfa Chemistry provides membrane filtration solutions designed for ease of use and pollution control, which are flexible, accurate, and designed for you.

Unlock Microbiology QC Filtration

Alfa Chemistry welcomes you to experience your workflow with ergonomic microbiological QC tools. Our membrane filtration products use high-performance membrane filtration combined with flexible and intelligent design to meet customer needs.

  • Flexible products suitable for existing procedures
  • Designed to reduce cross-contamination, false alarms, and costly retesting
  • Consistent and reliable film quality meets regulatory guidelines

From our laboratory manifolds designed for pressure-free use, cleaning and sterilization, to our easy-to-squeeze filter funnel tops, all of our products have the power to let you work easier and reduced chance of repetitive strain injury (RSI) of pollution incidents caused by fatigue.

Bioburden And Microbial Limit Testing In Pharma

Bioburden, sterility and microbial limit testing of raw materials, intermediates or finished products is a key step in the daily dynamic work of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Alfa Chemistry engineers work closely with the on-site microbiology quality control team to design our membrane filtration products to reduce cross-contamination.

We control production costs by reducing QC cross-contamination and repeated testing. Our filtration products are designed to limit membrane processing and provide disposable, pre-sterilized options or reusable designs that are easy to clean and sterilize.

Some of Our Product Advantages

Our manifolds help prevent accidental contamination in several ways:

  • Requires no tools or tape to put together
  • Disassembles easily for thorough cleaning
  • The inlet and outlet can be set at either end of the manifold to avoid the risk of contamination due to opening and closing the valve at the top of the funnel

Our filter funnels and packaging are also designed to limit contamination incidents through the following advantages:

  • Double bag packaging
  • Available gamma-irradiated to sterilize
  • Each funnel is kept sterile until the individual packaging is opened
  • Easily squeeze the removal funnel to prevent film tearing and reduce the awkward hand position required to twist the removal funnel

Bioburden/Microbial Limits Testing Workflow

Bioburden/Microbial Limits Testing Workflow

Food And Beverage Spoilage Organism Testing

Ensuring food quality by testing food and beverages for the presence of spoilage organisms that can affect the shelf life, make the product inedible, or stop production, requires constant vigilance and simple and effective tools.

Membrane filtration (MF) technology is a widely accepted and reliable method that can be used for rapid and flexible testing, whether it is testing materials with high or very low levels of microorganisms.

Some of Our Product Advantages

Our beverage monitoring filter funnel reduces the number of steps between filtering samples and counting colonies, saving you time in many ways.

  • Ready-to-use and disposable
  • Cultivate in situ to prevent potential transfer contamination
  • Easy-to-read scale saves one measurement step

Our stainless steel manifolds reduce cross-contamination while improving testing capabilities.

  • Requires no tools or tape to put together and disassembles easily
  • The coupling unit connects the two manifolds to filter six samples at a time
  • Available adapters provide a wide range of flexibility

Food and Beverage Sample Testing Workflow

Food and Beverage Sample Testing Workflow

Track Contamination In Environmental Water

Microbiological quality testing of environmental water samples is a difficult task, whether it is during field collection or in the laboratory. We provide high-efficiency, simple, high-to-low-volume membrane filtration solutions for laboratory and on-site microbial monitoring, while meeting necessary regulatory requirements.

Some of Our Product Advantages

Filter capsules and related vibrating screens make it easy to collect large-capacity ponds, lakes, streams and other water without clogging.

  • No assembly or cleaning of filter holders and no cross-contamination worries with pre-sterilized, disposable cartridges
  • The high volume capsules with no clogging
  • Along with high flow rates and up to 70% recovery, eliminate false-negatives with a 1 µm pore size

Microbiology QC Environmental Workflow

Microbiology QC Environmental Workflow

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.