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Filtration Technology Services for Pharmaceuticals

Controlled operations are crucial in the production of high-quality and pure pharmaceutical goods. Microbial grade filters can be used for particle and bioburden control or fluid sterilization, depending on the sort of safety required by the customer/work. Based on this, Alfa Chemistry's integrated team develops and implements fast and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions, from early development to scale-up to commercial manufacturing to ensure the quality and safety of your manufacturing process. Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools they need to create creative and safe biological products.

Our pharmaceutical filtration and biotechnology filtration devices can help you build better life, whether you need sterilization-grade filtration, pre-filtration, fine chemicals, or fermentation liquid filling.

At the same time, based on your specific biological manufacturing method, we may customize your filtering solutions for you. Our tried-and-true engineering design methodology will assist our customers reduce capital expenditures, operating costs, and facility throughput while meeting critical project deadlines.

From Concept to Realization

Alfa Chemistry can create filtration systems that are tailored to your individual biological manufacturing process. We have a proven track record of cutting project timelines. We make every effort to create a one-of-a-kind bioprocess implementation technique, utilizing disposable technology whenever possible and a hybrid solution that is appropriate for your process type and scale.

How do we add value to our customers?

  • Early consulting and process development services
  • Facilities and concept layout capabilities
  • Facility cost estimation capability
  • Feasibility study
  • Implementation support
  • Service contracts to ensure the best process performance and reliability

add value to our customers

Process Optimization

Alfa Chemistry supports your process optimization with a scalable biofiltration process platform, as well as experience, unique technology, and services to make it easier. Our team of specialists will provide recommendations for the optimum optimization strategy at each stage and assist in the development of a scalable filtration process around product manufacturing phases. Our biological filtration process technology is linked together to speed up the development and production of biopharmaceutical processes.

  • Upstream process optimization-from cell line development to production

For your process and precise product characterization, we supply completely scalable cell lines and cell culture media filtration and separation technology. We offer several cell line purification tools that can be used to quickly create upstream processes.

  • Process optimization support for downstream processes-from product harvest to the formulation

Our expertise will assist you in determining which downstream process stages are appropriate for your product. By selecting scalable filtration and purification disposable technologies, they assist you in predicting the commercial issues that your laboratory will face. By using modern technologies that quantitatively remove viruses and pollutants, we can help you increase process safety.

Process optimization support for downstream processes-from product harvest to the formulation

Sterile Filtration and Pre-filtration Solutions

Our biotech and pharmaceutical filtration solutions support the following needs:

Plasma Fractionation - We supply solutions for precipitation separation and gradual clarity, whether it's a frame filter paired with current and novel deep filtration.

Antibiotic - Filter solutions and media for various clearing and particle removal processes are available from us.

Special Enzymes - Our filtration products have a high fouling capacity throughout the clarifying and defogging phases, which helps to boost output throughout the manufacturing process.

Diagnosis - Clinical diagnosis is employed in the treatment, prevention, and early detection of a wide range of disorders. Alfa Chemistry is well aware of the difficulties that come with the manufacturing process, and high-efficiency filtration systems and filter media are required for the clarifying and purification phases.

Botanicals - Phytopharmaceutical manufacturing requires particle purification or removal after distillation, in addition to infiltration or impregnation. Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of filtering products to assist you in the creation/reproduction of high-quality products.

Vitamins - Regardless of the substance, Alfa Chemistry has most likely developed a filtration system that can improve both the end product and the operation's efficiency.

Red Biotechnology - When it comes to genetic engineering, it's mostly applied in human health care to create therapeutic proteins. We offer a variety of filtration options to aid in the advancement of red biotechnology.

White Biotechnology - Living cells make less trash and produce less energy than other technologies when they are employed to synthesis easily degradable items. Alfa Chemistry has industrial materials on hand to create goods that rely on purification procedures and filter media in the manufacturing process.

Do you need assistance determining the best filtration option for your pharmaceutical/biotech processing or manufacturing? Please contact us right away.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.