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Medical OEM Filter Devices

Filtration is critical for catching pollutants that can have a negative impact on one's health. Optimized filter media solutions help patients recover faster while decreasing hospital stays and total healthcare expenses by reducing the risk of bacterial and/or viral problems and assisting in the healing process. The numerous benefits of employing membranes and filtering equipment built specifically for healthcare applications are crucial to maintaining a safe clinical environment.

Alfa Chemistry, as a leading provider of dependable, high-quality materials and medical equipment in the medical industry, offers a wider range of filter products for medical applications, including infusion treatment and drug delivery filter devices, as well as medical air and gas filter equipment. To suit your stringent material requirements, we have an amazing product portfolio, quality system, and experience.

Infusion Therapy and Drug Delivery

Alfa Chemistry manufactures infusion treatment and medication delivery filtering equipment. Low protein binding, high flow rate, absolute pore size, biocompatibility, and low extractables are all features of this equipment. Alfa Chemistry's experience and technical skills will continue to play a significant role in simplifying preparation and increasing the safety of IV medication infusions as the use and advantages of novel medicines grow.

Drug Delivery

The risk of unintended microbiological contamination, undesired particle delivery, and air microembolism must be carefully evaluated every time a liquid solution is injected into a patient's vein. The usage of online filtering systems helps to prevent particles, aggregates, and precipitated medications from reaching the body of the patient, lowering the risk of consequences. Furthermore, the bacteria-retaining membrane device can operate as a barrier against germs introduced during the preparation, handling, and administration of parenteral solutions.

Drug Delivery

Membranes made of polyethersulfone are specifically intended for medical filtration and pollution control. Our medical-grade membrane is used in our full equipment combination for infusion and drug/liquid delivery. All of the IV filter equipment's components and structural materials comply with other internationally recognized standards for biosafety, compatibility, toxicity, and medical equipment development plans. Furthermore, the membrane's hydrophilic nature allows for numerous reperfusions as needed during patient therapy.


Particles in pharmaceutical preparations are especially dangerous during chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy medications can crystallize when they combine with specific IV solutions or components, obstructing or altering the infusion route. The materials utilized in our online filtering equipment product portfolio have a wide range of drug compatibility and oil and fat resistance, providing reliable performance even when irritating chemicals are present. Our hydrophilic membrane not only ensures that particles are removed but also ensures that germs are retained.

Consider particle and bacterial retention, flow rate, drug binding and compatibility, extractables, material compatibility, and lipid compatibility when selecting an in-line filter.

Patient, Healthcare Worker and Equipment Protection

In today's healthcare environment, new technologies must be constantly enhanced to maintain the safety of patients and healthcare professionals while also lowering overall healthcare expenses. Air blowing, blood oxygenation, oxygen concentration, atomized medicine delivery, smoke exhaust, and general suction/vacuum protection are all examples of medical air and gas filtration systems that can remove germs, viruses, and other contaminants.

Patient, Healthcare Worker and Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

The microporous hydrophobic membrane technology can prevent liquids from passing through while enabling air to pass through. These devices are extremely successful at keeping potentially infectious aerosols, particles, and liquids from coming into touch with medical equipment.

Alfa Chemistry's OEM medical filtering equipment is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets stringent quality requirements. Many rules have arisen in recent years to safeguard medical personnel and patients from potentially harmful particles and substances created during normal operating room operations. Exposure to harmful chemicals, germs, and inactive particles can be reduced by including hydrophobic microporous materials into medical devices as a barrier between the device and the patient. By minimizing the propagation of atomized particles, these devices can also protect medical personnel.

Alfa Chemistry, as a leading provider of hydrophobic breathable materials and equipment, can assist you in selecting the optimum filtering equipment for your needs. Consider particle and bacterial retention, flow rate, medication binding and compatibility, extractables, material compatibility, and lipid compatibility while selecting an online filter. Water breakthrough pressure, differential pressure, airflow rate, and particle/bacterial retention rate are the most widely evaluated parameters for selecting air and gas filter materials. Oleophobicity, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance, as well as compatibility with sterilizing procedures, are all significant material qualities.

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