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Polymer Filtration Services

Alfa Chemistry provides various services to support customers' polymer filtration needs. From assisting in the design to testing the final product and everything in between, our team of experts is always ready to help your project, from start to finish.


Alfa Chemistry's service experts can work with you to develop the best solution for gel control and particle removal needs. This technical service involves a lot of work in the laboratory and in some cases on the customer's site. We use the most advanced analytical techniques and instruments to provide product material characterization and performance characterization.

These capabilities include:

  • Material selection
  • Simulate product life test
  • Compatibility analysis of metal fiber and fiber products
  • Analysis of tensile, compression, and cycle mechanical properties
  • Metal fiber and fiber product body and surface chemical analysis
  • Analysis of filtration performance focusing on permeability and removal efficiency
  • Use customer materials for in-house laboratory tests

Service Support

Service Support

Our experienced service team will assist you with all aspects of the polymer system.

Design Service

Whether you only need a new filter medium or the entire system design, you can rely on our team of experts to guide you in the right direction. We first understand your current process and goals in order to best recommend media, filters, and system designs for you. We do not provide "off-the-shelf" designs, which means that each of our products is specially manufactured according to individual customer specifications. We will consider the following attributes:

  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Viscosity
  • Shear rate
  • Removal rate
  • Heating options
  • Design code
  • Process connection
  • Maximum allowable stay time

Gap Assessment

Not sure if your filtering is adequate or as effective as possible? Let our team of experts assess where the filtering gaps are and how to improve them.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Utilize filtering and application expertise to:

  • Identify insufficient filtering and/or separation
  • Recommend ways to overcome the shortcomings of current filtering
  • Assist in solving quality problems caused by insufficient filtering

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

  • Expert walkthrough for your production line/facility
  • Customized reports to identify filtering gaps
  • Suggestions for improving product quality and saving money

What Will You Receive?

  • Meet face-to-face with application experts
  • Expert walkthrough for your production line/facility
  • Customized reports to identify filtering gaps
  • Suggestions to help you improve product quality and save money

Education and Training

Education and Training

Alfa Chemistry provides training focused on filtration processes, applications, and products to enhance your team's understanding of the impact of filtration in your business. Let our experts help you develop the necessary knowledge to better understand the importance and impact of filtration and separation in your business.

Our Goal

Our Goal

  • Train more filtration experts in your company
  • Provide you with the knowledge you need to make important filtering decisions

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

  • Learn more about the impact of filtering
  • Confident in making an informed filtering decision
  • Improved ability to design filtration in your process

Research and Development

Your Benefits

Use the following training modules to customize your plan:

  • Filter basics
  • Balanced filter
  • Filter media selection polymer
  • Melt filter elements-candles and discs
  • The key to polymer melt filtration
  • The continuous polymer filtration system
  • Application focus - customer specified

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.