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Purification Solutions for Blood and Plasma

The global demand for blood proteins is increasing as a result of novel indications, improved availability, and an aging population. Process characterization and yield optimization are becoming increasingly crucial. Diversification of products, such as the restructuring process, brings up new opportunities for additional indications and helps meet market demand.

For the process development and manufacturing of blood proteins, Alfa Chemistry offers plasma separation and recombinant blood factor technology. Continue reading to find out more.


Centrifugation or filtration can be used to separate the plasma fractionation precipitate. By removing impurities like DNA as soon as possible, lean downstream processes can be achieved.


Do you need a completely closed system or are you working with cell densities greater than 40 million cells per milliliter? You'll benefit from our scalable single-use centrifuge system. The centrifuge ensures maintained cell viability and real continuous processing because of its low shear force. The centrifuge holds particles (such as cells or microcarriers) as a concentrated fluidized bed beneath a continuous flow medium or buffer by balancing centrifugal and fluid flow forces.

We also offer cellulose-based depth filters, which were designed specifically for biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors' demanding clarity needs. A wide range of grades is available for filtering following centrifugation, perfusion procedures, and direct harvesting of medium cell densities, among other applications.


To remove contaminants and safeguard future sterile filters, plasma separation necessitates the use of high-performance pre-filters. By utilizing our pre-filter capacity, you will be able to double your clarifying performance, save a significant amount of money, and optimize your process. We can provide mAb membrane pre-filters, vaccine membrane pre-filters, blood and plasma membrane pre-filters, and synthetic depth filters.

Sterile Filtration

Sterile filtering is an important stage in the plasma process's tightly controlled environment. Alfa Chemistry can deliver the most modern sterile filters to meet your capacity, flow rate, or throughput challenges. Utilize our process optimization services to expedite the development of your process and ensure the successful completion of your process verification.

Through a unique surface-modified PES membrane, the innovative new sterile filter eliminates retesting and reduces flushing. The filters used in traditional aseptic filtration offer the most PES membrane combinations, allowing them to be perfectly suited to any product, media, or buffer.

Sterile Filtration

Membrane Chromatography

Multiple levels of decision-making are required while evaluating chromatographic procedures. There are questions concerning the most appropriate method or chemistry, as well as the most appropriate stationary phase form, depending on the features of the molecule you wish to separate and purify. Choosing the correct solution from the start will make the chromatographic process development, scale-up, and commercialization much easier.

Alfa Chemistry's chromatographic solutions include all separation techniques and methodologies accessible, making them adaptable to every process and any molecule, regardless of size or unique properties.

For more information about chromatographic consumables, please click here.

Virus Filtration

Our virus filtering technique can offer the most reliable virus retention even under the most difficult process circumstances. Our revolutionary asymmetric membrane structure ensures that viral retention is unaffected by variations in pressure, large loads, or process disruptions.

Monoclonal antibody's ready-to-use virus filter is small but powerful. Its disposable design is gamma compatible and simple to use in the mAb process, saving up to 80% on disinfection and washing costs. Pre-washing is not required for virus filters for blood and plasma, which speeds up the manufacturing process. The adsorbed viral pre-filter offers maximum flexibility and can be scaled up or down depending on the process to save total filtering costs. You can choose a virus filter that meets your demands at Alfa Chemistry.

At the same time, we offer a cell culture medium, which is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the adjustable and scalable viral filtration step in the upstream media.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.