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Pharmaceutical Filtration Solutions

Filtration is an essential process step in pharmaceutical and biological science laboratory applications. Alfa Chemistry's filtration devices tailored for the pharmaceutical industry are the first choice for the manufacture of high-quality products. With our extensive experience in membrane and filter equipment, coupled with our legendary product quality, Alfa Chemistry has become the leading choice for filters, membranes, and filter equipment used in the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries. The quality of our product portfolio meets the quality assurance of current Good Manufacturing Practices and also meets the external standards of USP, EP, and ASTM.

Pharmaceutical Quality Microfilter

Since the first production of microfilters, Alfa Chemistry has continued to provide customers with high-quality and best-designed microfilters. This quality tradition combined with the highest industry standards and our in-house application expertise allows us to produce microfiltration membranes with outstanding performance, quality, and reliability.

  • Customized and professional solutions are always available
  • High quality and quality assurance are integrated into every batch and every product
  • Sterile filtration, particle, sediment, or condensate removal

Pharmaceutical Quality Microfilter

An Industry leader in Syringe Filters

Our syringe filter can well remove particles and microorganisms used to remove liquid and gas. Needle filters are very suitable for purifying liquids containing particles, for example for the preparation of medicines or infusions. In order to sterilize and remove particles in the air and other gases, syringe filters are the best choice for aseptic exhaust containers, bioreactors, fermenters, and piping systems in device.

  • The acrylic shell, membrane optional
  • Clean and safe, free of leachables and extractables

If you need to rely on the quality of the filtrate, you need our high-quality, field-proven filter syringes, which are the first choice for reliable and convenient preparation steps.

An Industry leader in Syringe Filters

Product and Process Specific Filter Validation

Various drug regulations require monitoring of factors that affect the safety and effectiveness of drugs. This includes evaluating possible contaminants, such as bacteria, toxic substances, or particles, and verifying the adsorption effect of drug ingredients on fluid contact surfaces. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Bacteria challenge testing
  • Chemical compatibility testing
  • Extractables | Extractables testing
  • Particle release testing
  • Custom verification protocol development
  • Determination of product-specific integrity test limits

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Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.