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Filtration, separation and purification

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Trusted Partner

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Certified Company

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Biotechnology Filtration Solutions

Alfa Chemistry can help you react to changing market situations with novel technologies and solutions, from concept to design, biotechnology verification, and production of all biotechnology applications. We are always ready to work with you to fulfill your process demands, whether it is the rapid development of new pharmaceuticals and vaccine production processes, assisting you in ensuring compliance, or improving existing processes easier, faster, and better.


Gene Therapy and Oncolytic Viruses

Alfa Chemistry helps you overcome the barriers to development and viral vector manufacturing, and accelerates the provision of commercially viable gene therapies to patients.

Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins

We support your product portfolio for all monoclonal antibody production choices, including traditional manufacturing methods and disposable alternatives.

Cell Culture

Alfa Chemistry can meet your cell culture requirements. Whether you are culturing adherent cells in suspension cells for gene therapy, cell therapy, vaccine production, or monoclonal antibody production, our technology is a complete integrated solution that can improve the performance of your upstream process while improving the simplicity and reliability of operation.

Blood and Plasma

The global demand for blood proteins is increasing. Process characterization and yield optimization are becoming more and more important. For the process development and manufacturing of blood proteins, Alfa Chemistry provides plasma separation and recombinant blood factor technology.

Optimizing Biological Processes

Alfa Chemistry's extensive biological processing platform knowledge and extensive technology enable us to provide end-to-end support for procedures such as gene therapy (viral vectors), monoclonal antibodies (mAb), and recombinant protein manufacturing. We can handle molecules from pre- clinical to commercial manufacturing, and find the best upstream and downstream solutions based on data and testing.

All Technologies

Based on years of experience working with biopharmaceutical manufacturers and regulatory agencies, Alfa Chemistry has developed technologies to deal with the unique problems of bioprocessing applications.

Vaccine Production

Enhanced solutions to meet the most difficult vaccine development and manufacturing challenges, as well as your specific vaccine production needs.

Single-Use Solutions

Alfa Chemistry's single-use platform provides a wide range of single-use process solutions. We provide a unique process that uses the same structural components, can be easily expanded from a laboratory to a complete cGMP commercial operation, and provide the same robustness and reliability required for pharmaceutical production.