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Filter Membranes

The filter membrane is made of polymer material deposited or stretched and is often used in industry and research fields. The properties of the filter membrane vary depending on the composition, surface treatment process, and pore size. To choose the most ideal filter membrane, you need to understand the basic characteristics. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filter membrane options, including pre-filtration, solvent filtration, sample clarification, sterile filtration, air monitoring, particle collection and analysis, and other biological and environmental applications in combination with filter holders and other hardware.

Our comprehensive laboratory filter product portfolio and supporting hardware have helped generations of scientists reach new milestones. We give priority to the needs of current scientists and continue to develop our product portfolio to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the latest standards and regulatory guidelines, and to create new membrane materials for emerging applications.

Generations of scientists have benefited from our broad laboratory filter product portfolio and related hardware. We prioritize current scientists' demands and continue to expand our product portfolio to ensure that our products satisfy the newest standards and regulatory criteria, as well as to develop new membrane materials for developing applications.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.