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Certified Company

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All Technical Solutions for Biotechnology Filtration

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of technologies based on our comprehensive expertise of biological processing systems, from upstream to final filling, from basic design to implementation. Our technologies are developed to handle the unique problems of bioprocessing applications, based on years of experience working with biopharmaceutical producers and regulatory agencies. Furthermore, our global technical team is always available to help you improve and streamline your procedures.

  • Direct Flow Filtration

Alfa Chemistry's Direct Flow Filtration products provide cutting-edge technology and long service life. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and have been determined to meet or exceed quality standards. The traditional filter set meets all European and American regulatory requirements.

  • Depth Filtration

Alfa Chemistry's powerful high-performance depth filtering technology helps you optimize your process costs. We've created a number of harvesting ways to accommodate a variety of process feed circumstances. Our product line is the finest choice for cell harvesting applications because it combines high-performance features with high-quality materials and ease of use.

All Technologies

  • Chromatography

Chromatography plays a key role in the development of new recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, modified antibodies, and viral vectors for gene therapy. Industrial-scale protein production is usually costly and cumbersome. Running more but smaller batches in less time is a way to reduce costs and make better use of chromatography hardware and resins.

  • Filling Technologies

The filling is a critical part of any pharmaceutical production process. Alfa Chemistry provides various filling technologies and services to help end-users conduct business more reliably and flexibly while ensuring that product quality is included in the manufacturing process.

  • Biotech Tangential Flow Filtration

The biotechnology cross-flow filtering product line from Alfa Chemistry includes everything from disposable modules to washable cartridges, as well as standard laboratory and benchtop systems and fully configurable process systems.

  • Virus Security and Control

Alfa Chemistry's orthogonal technology can inactivate and/or eliminate foreign viruses in the final drug, thereby improving its virus safety. In batch or continuous processing mode, we can provide alternative techniques for three orthogonal steps.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.