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Biotechnology, medical and laboratory

A Proven Partner Providing Filtration, Separation and Purification Solutions

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of products and services to solve our customers' biggest filtration, separation and purification challenges. And, by doing so, we will promote health, safety, and environmentally responsible technologies. After years of development, we have gradually become a leader in the field of filtration, separation and purification, providing products and service support to customers in many countries/regions. Our industry-leading technologies and solutions play a role in countless applications, protecting health, protecting critical operating assets, improving product quality, and minimizing emissions and waste. Our life science and industrial teams provide dedicated expertise to various customers in multiple industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical, laboratory, microelectronics, petrochemicals, ect.

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Quality Policy

Our personal commitment is to continue to advance our quality management system and processes by making quality goals a part of our strategic planning process to achieve continuous measurable improvement.

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Leading Partner

We are a leading partner in the laboratory filtration and biological purification industry. Our solutions support our customers to produce products safely, timely and economically. The main product categories of our company are filters, membranes and filter papers.

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Global Presence

We have a worldwide presence, with manufacturing, sales and R&D sites in several countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Employees across the globe focus on technologies and services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the industry it serves.

Company Values Sustainability, Openness, Enjoyment

These company values form the bedrock of Alfa Chemistry's innovative and competitive strength. Our values connect us with our customers and business partners just as they do with our investors and society at large.

  • Driving change and progress internally and externally
  • Working in an energetic and rewarding environment
  • Growing profitably and acting responsibly towards all stakeholders