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Filtration Solutions for Bleach Chemical Preparation

Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) is the most widely accepted bleaching agent used in environmentally friendly chemical pulp bleaching processes. It is usually manufactured in situ to avoid instability and prevent gas decomposition according to the following reaction: sodium chlorate + reducing agent + acid -> chlorine dioxide + by-product. In order to ensure chemical production and reduce safety risks, experimenters must strictly operate the CIO2 generator. Raw material contamination is often cited as one of the most unpredictable root causes leading to changes in its operations.

Bleach Chemical Preparation

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with CIO2 pulp bleaching and papermaking chemical preparation filtration solutions to ensure the removal of pollutants from chemical raw materials to reduce your health and safety risks and reduce your operating costs.

Filtration Solutions

According to our experience, the pollution is most likely to come from acid feed, water dilution or sodium chlorate, and less from the reducing agent methanol. Based on this, the operating requirements of the CIO2 generator are as follows

  • Improve safety conditions by restricting people's exposure to hazardous substances
  • Avoid or limit all CIO2 decomposition for safety reasons and prevent all “puffing” events
  • Increase the output of CIO2 generators to reduce raw material consumption or produce more CIO2 and then remove bottleneck bleaching operations
  • Protect the generator from changes in the quality of the chemical feed
  • Limit changes in the CIO2 plant to run the process under as stable operating conditions as possible

Alfa Chemistry provides filter solutions to help ensure high-quality results at high efficiency and low cost.

The filter is designed to improve the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of pulp and paper bleaching chemical machinery. The crescent-shaped pleated design allows a large amount of filter surface area to fit into a smaller space. This makes it 50% smaller than comparable filtration systems, helping to reduce maintenance and installation costs.

In addition, the filter needs to be replaced by up to 40 times fewer components, each filter element has a higher flow rate, a coreless, and an all-plastic structure to minimize waste disposal. It is an absolute-rated filter medium with repeatable performance.

Bleach Chemical Preparation

Advantages of Our Solution

  • Reduce the operator's exposure to waste gas generated by decomposition and high-concentration sulfuric acid.
  • Avoid and limit all contamination ingression in the generator as this contamination will react with the strong oxidizer compound CIO2 and therefore reduce the yield of the reactor.
  • Tend and operate reactor toward optimal conditions.
  • Protect your equipment.

Pulp bleaching generators and paper chemicals require pure chemicals to ensure high-quality products. We provide filter solutions to help ensure high-quality results at high efficiency and low cost. For more information, please contact us.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.