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Ultrafiltration Devices for Protein Concentration

Quick and reliable diagnosis is invaluable in clinical care. Samples (e.g., blood, urine, and saliva) are collected and analyzed for various biomarkers to quickly and sensitively assess disease progression, monitor response to treatment, and determine a patient's prognosis. Alfa Chemistry provides a wealth of solutions for the preparation of diagnostic samples for our customers in the biological field! The Alfa Chemistry ultrafiltration device for in vitro diagnostic applications is the perfect starting point for your diagnostic sample preparation.

Use A Concentrator to Concentrate Urine Protein

Protein concentration is commonly used in protein and antibody purification, bioprocessing, and proteomics analysis workflows. The sample preparation of macromolecular solutions such as proteins, enzymes, antibodies, and viruses usually produces a large number of diluted proteins and other biomolecules in the buffer, which is incompatible with downstream processes or detection. After sample extraction, the diluted protein usually needs to be concentrated and clarified before analysis or use.

Protein Concentration

Our IVD-labeled ultrafiltration device is essential for reliable diagnostic tests, concentrating urine 50 times in a matter of minutes! The measurement and detection of certain proteins in urine are important for the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases and disorders. Our customers use our ultrafiltration device products to perfectly test the urine protein concentration. When monitoring Bence Jones protein, for urine concentration, we recommend using 10 kDa MWCO for best recovery.

  • Using ultrafiltration products can concentrate urine samples in minutes.
  • Concentrators provide the most cost-effective solution for your urine concentration needs without additional equipment.

Multifunctional Protein Concentration Solution

There are several methods of protein concentration, including filtration with porous membrane filters, dialysis in hypertonic solutions, and precipitation/salting out. Ultrafiltration provides a convenient method that uses semi-permeable membranes to concentrate proteins under pressure or centrifugal force while minimizing protein denaturation, inactivation, and degradation. Using this technique, the excess liquid passes through the filter while retaining the target protein, increasing the protein concentration by reducing the sample volume.

The Alfa Chemistry ultrafiltration centrifugal concentrator has a wide volume capacity and MWCO, which can provide the best solution for any protein concentration or concentration. Our advanced technology allows direct sample recovery of the concentrate and prevents the sample from drying out. The easy-to-read printed scale simplifies the calculation of concentration results. There is simply no safer or easier way to concentrate your sample.

  • Vertical large membrane design can achieve fast processing and high recovery rate
  • 0.5 - 20 mL, with wide capacity flexibility
  • The wide MWCO range of 2 kDa - 0.2 μm enables ultra-large size flexibility

Protein Concentration

The newly launched RC centrifugal concentrator ensures that users can use both RC and PES membrane options. Allow users to choose the membrane with the best compatibility for their target molecule and ensure that no matter what kind of molecule it is, the highest recovery rate is obtained in the shortest possible time.

  • Unique film series products
  • The fastest concentration speed
  • Maximum 8.1cm2 membrane area
  • Provide free samples

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Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.