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Filters for Removing Impurities in Photolithography Chemicals

Lithography filters from Alfa Chemistry are designed to help companies boost semiconductor yields. Our products have the potential to lower costs and boost output.

Alfa Chemistry lithography filters employ a variety of membrane materials to successfully remove impurities from lithography chemicals. On the wafer surface, they eliminate the risk of hazardous particle contamination, gel microbridge defects, microbubble void defects, and metal contamination. The high wettability coating will not obstruct air displacement, decreasing microbubble generation and reducing purge time.

Learn About the Advantages of Our Products

The optimized filter design prevents the production of bubbles that cause defects on the wafer surface and reduces the consumption of chemicals during start-up. The filter purifies the air and prevents the creation of microbubbles, which is critical for lowering coating flaws and increasing yield. Our filter design prevents the development of air bubbles during the dispensing process by ensuring a low pressure drop across the whole filter.


The novel filter design has a wide surface area and a low pressure difference, which increases gel removal effectiveness and reduces microbubble production. The distribution filter's greatest membrane surface area aids in the removal of the gel from the photoresist and prevents it from extruding through the filter membrane to the wafer surface.

When the filter is distributed from high pressure to low pressure throughout the distribution process, the low working pressure ensures that the photochemical material does not degass. The best way to achieve this is to use a filter with a minimal pressure drop (such as our asymmetric membrane). Nylon 6,6 and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) films are totally compatible with common photolithography chemicals, have very clear extractables, and have good wettability.

Photolithography filters from Alfa Chemistry can reduce particulates in complex photoresist compounds. Choosing the right filter can effectively remove or minimize pollutants without affecting the resist's complicated chemical qualities.

Product Applications

When selecting a good lithography filter, several aspects must be taken into account. Unwanted particles are removed using bulk filters and point-of-use (POU) distribution filters. Because the POU filter is an essential component of any precision dispensing system, it must be carefully chosen to minimize wafer coating flaws. POU filter selection should focus on eliminating particles and gels, as well as decreasing the generation of microbubbles, lowering chemical consumption, and ensuring good compatibility. The exhaust port and drain are located at the highest and lowest points of our point-of-use capsule, respectively, to ensure full and easy exhaust.



  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Higher yield
  • Excellent wettability, speed up start-up speed
  • Various films suitable for any lithography application
  • Quick exhaust design minimizes the formation of microbubbles
  • Low hold-up to reduce chemical waste

Alfa Chemistry's lithography filter technology streamlines manufacturing processes, decreases dispensing system downtime, and eliminates wafer surface flaws. To learn more about how to optimize your lithography process, please contact Alfa Chemistry's experts.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.