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Comprehensive Support and Service for Qualification and Validation

As your value-added partner in the field of filtration development, we provide the complete laboratory testing, application expertise, and verification services to support our products. From concept design, contract testing and research, detailed engineering to a full range of regular preventive maintenance services, your success is our mission.

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Alfa Chemistry's experienced filtration engineers, microbiologists, and scientists are committed to developing creative solutions for each customer's application. We will analyze and evaluate filter options to maximize system efficiency, economy, and safety. Alfa Chemistry can assist customers in all stages of development, installation, scale-up, system optimization, verification, and compliance.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Integrated Filtration Solution

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Integrated Filtration Solution

Our team develops and implements cost-effective biomanufacturing filtration solutions. Our goal is to enable our customers to produce innovative and safe biological products. We have a good track record in shortening the project timetable. We do our best to provide a unique implementation method for your bioprocess, using a hybrid solution suitable for your process manufacturing as much as possible.

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Custom Prototyping

Alfa Chemistry has witnessed an upsurge of industry activity to bring these filtration solutions to the market. We understand that rapid prototyping is critical to the successful creation and implementation of customized filtration products. Industry leaders chose Alfa Chemistry to create prototypes with non-standard specifications. Through our process, you can test custom filters on-site or on the production line before putting them into mass production.

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 Professional Support When You Need It

Professional Support When You Need It

Alfa Chemistry is on hand to provide technical guidance and support in the unlikely event that instrument problems might arise. If you have questions about our service offerings or are in need of technical support, we are here for you. Just provide detailed information in our contact form, and we will promptly get in touch with you.

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