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Filtration, separation and purification

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Filtration Solutions for Laboratory Sample Analysis

Accurate data is required for reliable outcomes. The quality control laboratory at Alfa Chemistry is critical in detecting contamination and product issues. With samples ranging from 25 mL to 150 mL, we can do performance analysis. To ensure good filtration performance, our technical team can assist you in obtaining precise and dependable findings.

Laboratory Quality Control

Our high-quality laboratory filters can be customized to fit the specific needs of each lab. Alfa Chemistry's filtration technique can be used to cleanse and prepare samples, for example, to ensure sample purity in liquid chromatography applications. The extractables in our syringe filters are low, and the particle retention is high.

To meet the evolving needs of your laboratory, we will continue to improve our products and solutions. We offer wettable PTFE membranes, hydrophobic PTFE membranes, PVDF membranes, and nylon membranes for analytical quality control.

Laboratory Quality Control

HPLC and UHPLC Sample Preparation

Alfa Chemistry's products can help you increase the precision of your chromatographic results and extend the life of your chromatographic column. Our HPLC membranes work with a variety of HPLC solvents. We'll choose membranes that are compatible with your experimental fluids and conditions, reducing or eliminating extractables. In addition, we tested syringe filter products for HPLC to ensure that UV detectable extracts were present in low quantities.

Our outstanding separation method ensures: Low extractable chemicals, which reduce chromatographic interference; uniform membrane materials, which assure reliable analysis findings. The material has reduced extractability and lower API adsorption, so an accurate aperture level can provide superior protection.

LCMS Sample Preparation

While the need to eliminate external contaminants has become more obvious, the emerging trend of LCMS allows analysis to be performed at a low level. The extraction and leaching of chemicals from the filter is a critical issue when preparing samples for LCMS analysis.

Filters from Alfa Chemistry can be used to increase the life of liquid chromatography without adding considerable extract or analyte adsorption.

LCMS Sample Preparation

Ion Chromatography Sample Preparation

Ion chromatography (IC) is a separation technology that uses charged functional groups to separate components. The correctness of the results depends on not adding ions into the sample. Inorganic extractables are closely monitored by our IC syringe filter.

High-throughput Sample Preparation

Alfa Chemistry offers a number of options for quick sample processing and analysis. Biomolecular screening criteria are met by our filter plate design.

  • The exit tip reduces the chance of hanging drips forming.
  • The regularity of sample processing and recovery holes is improved by good design.
  • The bio-inert housing and individually sealed membrane reduce the risk of sample contamination or loss.

Mobile Phase Filtration

We offer a variety of filters to suit different types of HPLC liquids. To simplify filter selection, our PTFE membrane is a general-purpose solvent membrane. A typical membrane filter measures 25 to 90 mm in diameter and has a membrane pore size of 0.2 to 0.45 mm.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.