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Filtration Solutions for Fluids in Semiconductor Manufacturing

One of the most important aspects of semiconductor device manufacturing is pollution management. Filtration, purification, and separation solutions are available for a variety of fluids, including chemicals, gases, water, CMP slurries, and photoresists.

Alfa Chemistry's products and methods enable new, better, and fast filtering capabilities in a variety of semiconductor applications. We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing chemical filtration and purification products for the semiconductor and associated industries. Each filter type made from a variety of materials has a high product assessment and follows stringent quality control processes.

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Alfa Chemistry leads the market with consistent and reliable performance in the most modern cleaning procedures and industrial processes, providing novel purification and filtration solutions for developing and increasing markets. Integrated circuits, data storage, flat panel displays, and photovoltaics are all examples of semiconductor applications. Particle retention, permeability, purity, and durability are all strong points for Alfa Chemistry filters. Using PTFE on the extractables, they were able to obtain sub-ppb total metal content, low-pressure drop, and retention to 5 nm.

Chemical Pollution Control

Alfa Chemistry has introduced filters made of PTFE, polyarylsulfone, nylon, PVDF, polyethylene, and polysulfone, relying on its technological superiority in materials science to provide the best option for each application. Filtration is improved while running costs are reduced thanks to a new highly asymmetric polyarylsulfone membrane. Pall electronic grade high-purity chemical filters are subjected to stringent quality monitoring. Alfa Chemistry's products and technologies have helped the semiconductor industry enhance crucial chemical processes.

Filter Products Compatibility

Because there are so many variables that influence a product's chemical resistance, you should do pre-tests under your operating conditions and follow all necessary safety precautions, such as those indicated in the chemical's material safety data sheet. In addition to studying the material's general compatibility information guide, it's also vital to look at the different housing grades for the different fluid types. The PP shell, for example, is only waterproof and should not be used with chemicals. Please contact Alfa Chemistry for assistance with compatibility difficulties with specific applications.

Chemical Pollution Control

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.