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Filtration Solutions for Polyester Nylon Production

Nylon is a polymer-a plastic with ultra-long, heavy molecules, composed of short, infinitely repeating atomic parts, just like a heavy metal chain composed of repeating links. Nylon 6, 6 is a linear condensation polymer made of hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid. A specific amount of two chemicals are mixed in the solution to form a nylon salt. This salt is purified, polymerized, extruded into ribbons, and then cut into small pieces or pellets. These flakes or pellets are melted and extruded into the cold air through a spinneret to form nylon filaments.

Alfa Chemistry provides advanced filtration solutions for nylon 6 fiber production that can significantly improve product quality while minimizing costly downtime and waste. As a global leader in high-tech filtration solutions, we have developed advanced filtration technology for the nylon 6 production process, which can effectively remove pollutants through the continuous operation.

Caprolactam Solution Filtration

Our complete and balanced filtration method starts with filtering the caprolactam raw material. It is important to remove all impurities in the caprolactam raw material to avoid polluting the rest of the nylon production process and negatively affecting the final fiber quality. Effective caprolactam filtration is usually a multi-stage process, and Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filters for this purpose, including polymer and metal filter media.

Our metal filter adopts fiber-type media, which is strong in structure, high inefficiency, and high in cleanliness. The filter adopts a proprietary co-located large-diameter melt fiber technology, which is designed to effectively remove excessively large particles to obtain high-quality slurry consistency.

Caprolactam Solution Filtration

Prepolymer and Melt Polymer Filtration

Effective and reliable filtration during the production stage of prepolymers and melt polymers is essential to remove contaminants that can cause frequent spinning and significantly reduce fiber quality and strength. Using continuous polymer filtration (CPF) and diverter valves, the prepolymer and melt polymer filtration systems operate continuously without pressure peaks during filter replacement. The filtration system can effectively remove pollutants while running continuously to improve product quality and reduce operating costs and downtime.

Our balanced filtration method of filtering raw materials and additives reduces the workload of the melt filter. This method is combined with industry-leading filtration technology to truly optimize the entire polymer production process. With the help of our filtration products, the quality of nylon 6 has been greatly improved while greatly reducing downtime.

Prepolymer and Melt Polymer Filtration

Alfa Chemistry is committed to the optimization of the production process of nylon 6 fiber. For more information on filtering solutions, please contact our team of experts.

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