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Chromatography Consumables

This choice will be easier if you work with a supplier that offers a comprehensive portfolio of membranes, resins, monoliths, columns and systems, as well as deep expertise in the separation and purification of complex biomolecules.

Alfa Chemistry's chromatography solutions cover all available separation techniques and methods, applicable to any process and any molecule, regardless of size and unique characteristics.

Explore the Range of Our Chromatography Solutions

Chromatography Resins

Alfa Chemistry's chromatography resin line features great selectivity, flexibility, and productivity. Ion exchange, affinity, and mixed-mode chemicals are coupled with resin beads in our chromatography resins to deliver high flow rates and good purification capabilities. Using our salt-tolerant or mixed-mode resins can save time and money by removing the diluting and adjustment processes.

Capture and refinement steps for classic column chromatography:

  • Affinity, ion exchange, and mixed-mode techniques are all possible.
  • Monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins are ideal candidates.
  • Eliminate dilution and adjustment processes to save time and money.

Chromatography Membrane

The chromatographic membrane we offer is well-known for the high throughput of the capture and refinement steps of IEX, HIC, and affinity methods: it is chosen for DNA, HCP, endotoxin removal, and virus removal in flow-through mode, and it comes in a scalable device format.

From screening to production, our membrane adsorber turns the chromatographic step into an efficient process:

  • These adsorption membranes are 150 times faster than regular columns due to their high flow rate.
  • Packaging hardware is no longer required with capsule and cassette formats.
  • To adapt to the impurity removal process, the membrane size can be modified according to capacity rather than flow rate.
  • Cleaning disposable consumables is not an expensive process.
  • Suitable for a variety of substances.

All Technologies

Monolithic Chromatography

The convective interaction media monoliths are designed as a unique single-unit structure, making them ideal for purifying very large biomolecules in a very small laboratory area. The monoliths of convective interaction medium are built as a single-unit structure, making them perfect for purifying big macromolecules in a limited laboratory space. Monoliths of convective interaction media are appropriate for preparation and analysis, as well as fixed screening.

For preparative/analytical applications and fixed screening, a single unit structure is unique:

  • Various ligands for capturing and polishing are provided.
  • Affinity, IEX, HIC, and mixed-mode approaches are all supported.
  • Large macromolecules such as viruses, nucleic acids, and exosomes are ideal candidates.

Our Expertise Spans Chromatography Chemistries

Ion exchange chromatography

The chromatographic step of collecting and purifying different biomolecules uses IEX resin. Alfa Chemistry offers a comprehensive selection of chemicals and microbead substrates. The resin has a flexible conductivity range of up to 12-15 mS/cm and can give high capacity in a short residence time. Anion exchange resins, for example, are salt-tolerant substrates that make process integration simple.

Hydrophobic Interaction - HIC Chromatography

HIC is thought to be a more exact purification procedure. For the purification of all biomolecules, we provide a hydrophobic interaction membrane with a low degree of ligand substitution that provides moderate elution conditions.

Membranes can be used instead of chromatographic columns in purification (flow-through) operations and many binding and elution applications since they operate at higher flow rates, decreasing complexity, and there is no need to purify huge molecular samples.

Affinity Chromatography

The target molecule and its ligand interact in a highly particular way thanks to affinity. For the purification of recombinant proteins, albumin, enzyme coagulation factor (ATIII), plasminogen, and growth hormone, we offer a selection of affinity chromatography resins with a variety of selective and high binding capabilities.

Mixed-mode Chromatography

To attain high product purity, new biopharmaceutical targets such as multispecific mAbs, and fusion proteins require unique selectivity. Multi-mode separation mechanisms (such as IEX and HIC) are used in mixed-mode resins to obtain more selectivity and purity in one step than typical single-mode chromatography.

Alfa Chemistry offers a broad range of selectivity to address the challenges of high contaminant concentrations in the input stream, new polymerization modes, and the removal of difficult process or product-related contaminants.

Mixed-mode Chromatography

A Leader in Process Chromatography Solutions

Alfa Chemistry has risen to the top of the chromatography sector over the years. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of purification technologies and formats, and our experts will assist you in making the optimal decision for your flexibility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness requirements.

Rely on Alfa Chemistry:

  • Batch and heavy processing modular solutions
  • Fully autonomous, scalable column and multifunctional chromatography system
  • A range of resins, membrane adsorbers, and monoliths can be used to satisfy diverse purifying needs.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.