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Filtration Solutions for Ethylene Raw Materials

Ethylene is an important part of the petrochemical industry and one of the most productive organic compounds. It is usually produced by the steam cracking of a variety of hydrocarbon feedstocks in steam crackers, while it is used to produce several major derivatives.

Petrochemical Raw Materials

In Europe and Asia, ethylene mainly comes from the cracking of naphtha, gas oil, and condensate, as well as the co-production of propylene, C4 olefins, and aromatics. The cracking of ethane and propane is mainly carried out in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. Its advantage is that it only produces ethylene and propylene, which makes the construction cost of the plant lower and the operation simpler.

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with advanced raw material filtration solutions for ethylene production. Our filtration system has an absolute rated pre-filter to remove corrosive contaminants in the ethylene production process to reduce maintenance frequency and extend the service life of downstream equipment. Failure to effectively remove iron and other contaminants can lead to furnace fouling and coking. Our filters can reduce downtime by up to 70%.

Ethylene Feedstock Filtration

Our absolute rated pre-filters are specifically designed to remove these raw material contaminants. Our pre-filter has excellent durability and pollutant capture ability, as well as a larger pore space, which can remove more impurities without frequent replacement, to obtain cleaner raw materials with less maintenance intervention.

Liquid/liquid coalescers are the key to purifying raw materials and simplifying the ethylene production process. This high-quality coalescer can break up emulsions and remove water and brine from the raw materials with unparalleled efficiency. The enhanced filtration capacity of our pre-filter and liquid/liquid coalescer systems also allows the processing of alternative raw materials with higher initial contaminant content for optimal productivity.

Petrochemical Raw Materials

Experimenters using our absolute rated pre-filters and liquid/liquid coalescers reported that furnace downtime was reduced by 70%, significantly increasing productivity and reducing maintenance activities. It is estimated that the payback period is one year, and some operators report that the payback period is as short as six months.

Our filtration solutions for the ethylene production process reduce maintenance downtime, extend the service life of capital equipment, and increase output, enabling truly simplified operations. Ready to learn more about Alfa Chemistry advanced filtration solutions? Contact our team of professional filtration experts immediately.


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