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Certified Company

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Laboratory Ventilation and Gas Filtration Solutions

Ventilation and gas filtration are an important part of laboratory operations. Alfa Chemistry provides you with laboratory ventilation and gas filtration solutions to maintain the sterility of the internal environment and protect the atmosphere from contaminants in the container.

Our Advantages

We can make the exhaust as simple as passively balancing the gas in the culture bottle to actively filtering the gas into the bioreactor. Exhaust filters, whether they are disposable filter devices or hardware with disc filters, can be used for:

  • Filtering air/gas into equipment
  • Protecting sensitive electronic equipment from aerosol or fluid damage
  • Protecting the laboratory working environment from unnecessary aerosol pollution
  • Balancing the gas produced during normal cell growth and metabolism
  • Protecting the aspirator, vacuum pump, and house vacuum pipeline from an aerosol or liquid intrusion
  • Filtering unwanted microorganisms and particles in the air/gas to maintain proper environmental growth conditions in the bioreactor

We provide the industry's broadest portfolio of ventilation filters to make it easy to match filter performance to application requirements. These independent, compact filter devices can efficiently remove bacteria and particles from the air is dry or humid conditions. The sturdy polypropylene housing has a wide range of chemical compatibility. For more, please refer to our product portfolio below.

Venting And Gas Filtration

In-Line Vents

Disposable, ready-to-use filters provide convenient online installation. The most popular and economical sizes include 37 and 50 mm devices to meet most cultivation and aerosol/fluid barrier applications.

37mm Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane

  • Multi-purpose filter for small volume exhaust and gas filtration
  • PTFE membrane and polyprpylene housing have a wide range of chemical compatibility
  • One time
  • Autoclavable

50mm Vent Devices with PTFE Membranes

  • 50 mm filter, excellent performance, suitable for demanding applications
  • Reusable and autoclaved
  • PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing provide extensive chemical resistance
  • The large surface area provides greater throughput and high air velocity
  • Various inlet and outlet connectors are available

Capsules with PTFE membrane

  • High airflow ventilation applications
  • Extensive chemical compatibility with PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing
  • 100% integrity testing can provide the high level of trust you need

Bacterial Air Vents

  • Economical, disposable depth filter for venting applications
  • Hydrophobic media allows air and gasses to pass freely while blocking aqueous fluid and aerosol contaminants

Venting And Gas Filtration

Filter Holder and Membrane

A reusable filter holder with a separate membrane filter can provide flexibility and economy for exhaust applications, especially when a wider selection of filter materials and chemical or temperature resistance is required.

HPLC Mobile Phase Filter Membranes

  • Membrane designed to meet the stringent requirements of mobile phase filtration
  • The composition and quality of the membrane are the same as the membrane used in our HPLC-certified syringe filter

PTFE Membrane Disc Filters

  • Robust, chemically resistant membrane for air monitoring and sampling in harsh environments
  • The low chemical background allows for highly sensitive, interference-free determinations.
  • Ensures accurate weight measurement with low tare weight.
  • Ideal for filtering gases and/or organic solvents.

Glass Fiber Filters

  • Advanced filters suitable for various biological and environmental methods
  • Meeting the suspended solids test requirements described in the current version of the water and wastewater inspection standard method.
  • Reduces filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering difficult-to-filter or highly contaminated solutions.
  • Use high-capacity pre-filters to extend filter life and reduce final filter replacement

Open-face Filter Holders

  • It can be used for bacteria monitoring and particle analysis.
  • The 37 and 47 mm holders include a plastic cover to protect the sample after filtration.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.