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Semiconductor Process Gas Filtration Solution

Power Process Gas Filtration for Semiconductors

The Alfa Chemistry process gas filter is designed to solve typical issues with standard process gas filtration, such as dangerous pollutants being released and particle shedding. During routine maintenance and system failures, the outstanding filter uses industry-leading metal fiber technology to achieve quick gas replacement and molecular transparency. When used in critical ammonia (NH3) and ozone (O3) applications, O-ring-free IV and V PTFE membranes minimize O-ring distortion and filter bypassing owing to incompatibility with ordinary O-rings.


  • Reduce gas-related defects
  • Customized media customized for filtering various gases
  • Industry-leading filtration quality
  • Reduce outgassing and particulate impurities

Process Gas Filtration and Purification

In crucial semiconductor ultra-high pressure gas streams, the Alfa Chemistry process gas filtration system removes particle pollutants. To discover more about enhancing site performance by minimizing defects and increasing yield, contact our experts.

Advanced Process Gas Purification Solutions

The process gas purification system from Alfa Chemistry removes contaminants that can cause wafer flaws. Molecular impurities, also known as gaseous or volatile impurities, are a growing source of flaws that may be successfully removed with Alfa Chemistry's purification solutions. Impurities such as moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and metal carbonyls are removed by a reaction bed of materials in these purifiers. Impurities will be removed from the airflow in locations where standard particle filtering is inefficient. Our materials can eliminate impurities in the background without adding metals or other potentially dangerous contaminants to the process stream. To eliminate particulates, all of our purifier components have an incorporated filter.


Process Gas Filtration and Purification

  • Inert gas
  • Non-reactive gas
  • Hydride gas
  • Perfluorocarbons and corrosive gases.


  • Enhance process stability
  • Improve regional/process efficiency
  • Reduce defects
  • Retrofit the existing particulate filter
  • Customized media tailored to purify various gases
  • Low cost of ownership

In locations where particle filtering is inefficient, process gas purification methods and materials can efficiently remove pollutants. To assist you to improve your process gas purification system and maximize field performance by decreasing faults and increasing yield, contact our specialists.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.