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Chromatographic Filtration Technology Solutions

Chromatography plays a key role in the development of new recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, modified antibodies, and viral vectors for gene therapy. Manufacturers are under pressure from the market to accelerate development, simplify protein or viral vector purification methods, and increase process efficiency. Purification platform solutions that are consistent, scalable, and proven can quickly trace the purification process from development through cGMP mass production.

There is a lot of pressure on the therapeutic protein industry to cut costs, and classic capture chromatography, particularly protein capture chromatography, is one way to do it. The cost of chromatography medium could be a significant consideration. Furthermore, the huge buffer volume and big processing machinery that are often required for industrial-scale protein production come with expenses and hassles. Running more but smaller batches in less time is one way to cut expenses and make better use of chromatography hardware and resins.


You may increase chromatographic performance and lower expenses by selecting the appropriate hardware and automation. We invite you to extend the production of therapeutic proteins and gene treatments by utilizing Alfa Chemistry's novel, cost-effective chromatography techniques. Using stainless steel or single-use procedures, continuous and/or one-time operations can be limited to chromatographic processes or extended over the full process, from cell growth to the finished product. Our integrated solutions provide you the flexibility to choose the optimal method for meeting your process requirements.

Why Choose Membrane Adsorber?

Ion-exchange chemistry is combined with the excellent flowability and convenience of processing of prepared capsules in chromatographic membranes. The large pore size and high surface area provide a high dynamic binding capacity, especially for large molecules and particles, and it's simple to bind to remove contaminants or purify certain compounds (coagulation factors) or viral vectors (AAV, lentivirus). They can be utilized in a variety of purification procedures, from laboratory to factory scale, thanks to the variety of scalable forms available.

Advantages and Applications of Membrane Chromatography

Some of our benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Due to direct interaction with the binding group, the binding efficiency is excellent even at high flow rates.
  • Large volumes can be handled with high flow rates.
  • Scalability and adaptability - different capsule sizes can be used for different volumes and capacities.
  • The capsule format eliminates the need for packaging and unpackaging. There are no cleaning or cross-contamination hazards when employed as part of a disposable production process.
  • Membrane capsules have reduced operating and capital investment costs than standard chromatographic columns that must be packed.
  • Reduce buffer consumption - small devices necessitate a large reduction in buffer space.

You can use our membrane chromatography products for the following applications:

Therapeutic proteins: Membrane adsorbents are frequently employed to extract DNA and host cell proteins (HCP) from monoclonal antibodies (mAb) to meet regulatory standards for final products.

Gene therapy: To support the rapid rise of the treatment of genetic illnesses, new technologies are needed to purify industrially significant numbers of viral vectors. Disposable membrane chromatography's unique qualities, such as anion exchange membranes, effectively aid in the purification of viral vectors like lentivirus (LV) and adeno-associated virus (AAV) in line with cGMP regulations.

membrane chromatography products

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