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Trusted Partner

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Certified Company

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Wastewater Treatment

With extensive expertise and advanced analytical laboratory equipment, Alfa Chemistry is the preferred partner of agricultural and industrial enterprises, as well as sewage, agricultural, and sewage treatment plant operators. Over the years, we have been providing professional services for water distribution systems and wastewater facilities that require regulatory approvals, and have established long-term customer relationships, which proves our outstanding service.

Alfa Chemistry's wastewater analysis service can ensure that your water samples comply with regulations to help you meet strict environmental regulatory requirements.

Provide High Quality and Accurate Results

We understand the importance of punctual results. Our internationally accredited testing laboratory adopts a strict quality system to ensure that all tests can produce accurate results and comply with regulatory requirements.

The experts of Alfa Chemistry can help you interpret the results and find solutions to the complex situations encountered on site. Our network of laboratories, warehouses, and partners around the world ensures that supplies are delivered to you on time and supports the return of samples to the laboratory. Our goal is to make your wastewater testing needs simple.

Provide High Quality and Accurate Results

Wastewater Testing Methods

Our state-of-the-art wastewater testing laboratory analyzes your wastewater samples, provides accurate results and provides you with the guidance you need for the next step. Alfa Chemistry can customize the test to meet your individual needs. However, some of the more common items we tested are as follows:

  • Coliforms
  • Solids
  • Nutrients
  • Metal, non-metal
  • Physical properties
  • Biological oxygen demand (BOD)
  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD)

Type of Wastewater Treated

Type of Wastewater Treated

  • Inorganic wastewater
  • Organic waste water
  • Listed hazardous wastewater
  • RCRA wastewater containing heavy metals
  • RCRA wastewater containing organic matter
  • Harmless wastewater
  • Oil-water mixture
  • CERCLA Hazardous Wastewater
  • TSCA, RCRA/TSCA and non-TSCA PCB wastewater

Wastewater Treatment Technology

  • Filter
  • Chemical redox
  • Neutralization
  • Flocculation
  • Carbon adsorption
  • Biological treatment
  • Oil-water separation
  • Supercritical fluid extraction
  • Chemical precipitation of metals

To learn more about our wastewater testing and wastewater analysis services and to learn how we can help, please contact us.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.