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Instrument Services

Service lifecycle management is a key element when purchasing equipment. No matter which industry you are in, proper lifecycle management starts with the correct installation of equipment, followed by routine preventive maintenance visits. These services will extend the service life of the equipment while reducing downtime and reducing product losses.

Instrument Services

Alfa Chemistry provides a comprehensive service offering a convenient and reliable way to ensure worry-free instrument operation and minimal downtime. Our team has certified field service professionals who can provide you with a strong, accurate, and agile response, which stems from our tradition in filtration equipment and a firm understanding of the unique world of our customers. We firmly believe that service is good for your process, not just a way to maintain it.

Calibration Service

The requirements for the accuracy of experimental data are steadily increasing. To ensure that your measurement and test equipment provide the highest quality accurate, reliable, and traceable results, Alfa Chemistry strongly recommends that your test instruments need to be calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy of the test. Potential benefits:

  • Ensure that your tools meet and reduce risks in regulated and unregulated environments
  • Improve test performance, reliability, and repeatability
  • Inspection preparation and full traceability through calibration certificates and instrument service records

Our quality calibration expertise is internationally recognized and can provide all calibration needs.

Instrument Qualification

The increasing requirements for accuracy, documentation and data security have led to the wider use of automated test instruments. The use of such instruments must be certified to ensure that they meet process and regulatory requirements. Our trained and certified field service professionals have unparalleled experience and knowledge to provide expert agreements and support for the installation qualification (IQ) and operation qualification (OQ) of test instruments in a GMP-compliant environment.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Have confidence in your facility’s quality audit performance
  • Fully comply with regulatory requirements (GMP)
  • Focus on key components related to quality
  • Safe, comprehensive documentation and certificates that can be easily integrated into the quality management system
  • Expert knowledge directly from equipment manufacturers and specially trained service technicians

Service Contracts

We sign service contracts for global customers and provide a full range of services and training courses to meet various needs. We will work with you to find the best service solutions for your systems, instruments, and equipment.

Our service agreement combines the best of regular maintenance and preventive instrument maintenance to minimize interruptions and keep your instruments up and running. Whether you need a single plan covering one instrument or a complete maintenance plan for the entire facility, we can provide longer uptime, more reliable performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Service Contracts

Maintenance Service

If there is a system failure or an untimely user error, we will provide a quick and reliable solution to help you get up and running. Our service engineers are professionals who have received the latest training and have immediate access to our technical knowledge base. They have factory-tested parts and proprietary hardware and software tools on hand to help speed up repairs.

Preventive Maintenance

All leading quality management systems require regular maintenance. Customers implementing applications in any industry must develop and maintain a written maintenance policy for all laboratory equipment. Our service technicians are proficient in your equipment and have received training to check the function and overall condition. Services cover:

  • Inspection and replacement of valuable system components that are known to be worn
  • An active method to prevent system or instrument failures and improve workflow efficiency

Alfa Chemistry provides technical guidance and support at any time, just in case there is a problem with the instrument. If you have questions about our services or need technical support, we are always at your service. Just provide detailed information in our contact form and we will get in touch with you in time.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.