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Filtration Solutions in Key Process Areas of Chemicals

It is essential to use reliable chemical filtration systems at key points in chemical processing operations. It can reduce the risk of inefficiency in adjacent processes, while reducing operating costs and improving the quality of the final product. In addition, contamination brings the risk of corrosion and erosion of process equipment, which may cause operations to stop due to expensive maintenance operations. Based on this, Alfa Chemistry provides you with Innovative solutions for each step in chemical processing.

The implementation of our industry-leading filtration solutions has improved filtration performance and reliability, and improved chemical processing operations and downstream related processes.

Chemical Raw Material Liquid Filtration

Due to the accumulation of contaminants, certain liquid-liquid mixtures may be difficult to separate. Our chemical raw liquid contamination caused by emulsions and dispersions.

Chemical Raw Material Liquid Filtration

Excessive liquid emulsification can cause various challenges:

  • Off-specification of final products
  • Disabling of downstream catalysts
  • Raise the costs of wastewater treatment
  • Corrosion of downstream storage facilities

Our coalescer products separate liquid emulsions by using porous media, which filters the liquid according to the unique interfacial tension of the liquid, resulting in different wetting rates.

However, traditional glass fiber coalescers often cannot effectively separate liquids with low interfacial tension (IFT) values. In addition, the compatibility of the liquid with the coalescing medium must be considered.

Gas and Air Chemical Raw Materials

Feed gas feeds usually include ethane, propane, and natural gas with black powders that contain solid pollutants such as iron sulfide, iron oxide, and iron hydroxide-these are common corrosion-related pollutants in pipelines.

Our chemical raw material gas and air separation filtration solutions provide effective pollutant removal for the chemical and polymer industries.

Our solution can reduce the impact of pollutants through durable coalescence technology to reduce operating costs.

Intermediate Product Filtration

Our chemical intermediate product filtration solutions support different industries to separate liquid/liquid dispersions and remove other types of contaminants. There are many chemical plants with several chemical intermediate treatment steps, which have the highest efficiency in key reactions, in which pollutants may have an adverse effect.

Liquid contaminants can cause various challenges in the final product, such as:

  • Deactivate expensive catalysts
  • Foul contactor and stripping trays
  • Increase the costs for wastewater treatment

The specific gravity, viscosity, and IFT of the two liquid phases are important parameters that determine the ease of separation of the two liquids. Intermediate pollutants are sometimes reported to the final product and affect its quality-this must be avoided. We provide a wide range of products and solutions for the chemical industry, such as liquid/liquid coalescers.

Chemical Final Product Filtration

Chemical Final Product Filtration

The chemical processing industry produces a variety of products, which become raw materials for the synthesis of more complex materials. Before leaving the site, chemical end products are usually treated to remove solid and liquid contaminants, which can reduce yield and product quality, fouling and corrosion distribution, and other process equipment.

Our final filtration solution can remove contaminants in the range of nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration, and separate free liquid contaminants such as water, oil, acid, and caustic. By eliminating these pollutants, we hope to avoid substandard end products that may not meet customer or market requirements.

Alfa Chemistry provides superior chemical end product filtration solutions that support the removal of solid and liquid contaminants, such as:

  • Catalyst
  • Corrosion products
  • Water
  • Liquid by-products
  • Unreacted raw materials

We can provide various chemical filtration products, such as liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescer. These components are contained in specially designed containers, optimized for key service requirements.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.