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Coal To Gas Filtration Solutions

The current difficulty is that the equipment cannot always meet the industry's needs for efficient, safe, and energy-saving gas-solid separation processes. Alfa Chemistry can meet industry needs with coal-to-gas filtration solutions. Ceramic and metal material filters can provide good high-temperature gas filtering capabilities. The system is installed in coal gasification and methanol-to-olefin plants. Liquid/liquid coalescers are used to remove oil from process water.

Improved Filtration and Reliability

Our coal gas filter element can effectively filter solids at high temperatures and high temperatures. Our solution provides long-life particle separation of high temperature, chemically corrosive gases for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) / pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) plants.

The premium gas-solid separation (GSS) system is a sintered porous metal or ceramic filter element. Our inorganic filter media are specially designed for surface filtration. It can withstand temperatures from 232 ℃ (450 ̊F) to 1000 ℃ (1832 ̊F) and pressures over 1000 psi (69 bards) without changing the filtration characteristics. Our coal-to-gas filtration solutions can improve performance and reduce maintenance in the extreme environments of coal gasification and incineration.

Improved Filtration and Reliability

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Our Product Portfolio

Alfa Chemistry's filter element for coal gas filtration has been successfully used as a back washable surface filter to separate particles from hot gases and corrosive liquids. They are made of a combination of coarse porous support of silicon carbide and a fine filter membrane ceramic.

Our Product Portfolio

Depending on the application field and the required filtration efficiency, different membranes can be used. The combination of support and membrane ensures low-pressure drop and excellent cleaning performance under high filtration fineness. This filter element is especially suitable for hot air filtration due to its excellent resistance to temperature changes.

The applications of filter element include but are not limited to the following:

  • Backwashable surface filters for liquids
  • Backwashable surface filters for gases
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking processes (FCC)
    Incineration processes, e.g PFBC of coal
    Gasification processes IGCC, e.g of coal, waste, biomass
    Finest filtration of water vapor

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