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Direct Flow Filtration Technology Solutions

The biotechnology industry is under increasing regulatory pressure to deliver products of higher quality and safety while lowering operational costs and impact on the environment. Alfa Chemistry has created a line of filtration devices to suit the industry's demands for safe, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective equipment that also improves product quality. For biopharmaceutical firms looking to increase quality while lowering costs, we provide filters based on highly developed membrane filtration technology.

Alfa Chemistry is dedicated to continuous improvement of biological processes, enabling users to promote global health through safe and environmentally friendly technologies, with an unrivaled product and filtration technology portfolio, as well as customized service support from R&D to clinical-stage to production.

High-quality Product Portfolio

Direct flow filtration is a typical technique that filters pollutants from a fluid through porous wall channels or pipes with one end closed with a lid. Impurities remain in the channel while pure fluid flows out of the porous wall. A sequence of densely stacked independent porous channels or pipes makes up such a system.

Schematic of a hollow-fibre filtration device as used in direct-flow filtration.Fig.1 Schematic of a hollow-fibre filtration device as used in direct-flow filtration. (Herterich J. G, et al. 2017)

The classic direct flow filtration products from Alfa Chemistry offer cutting-edge technology and long service life. Our items have been put through rigorous testing and have been determined to meet or surpass quality standards. The traditional filter set satisfies all European and American regulatory requirements. We promise to make every effort to improve quality while lowering environmental impact and operating costs.

A Diverse Set of Applications

Biopharmaceutical companies are constantly exploring new ways to filter out bacteria and other pollutants. The need for pollution removal has risen over time, and it is likely to rise more as the industry adopts stronger regulatory measures in response to worries about superbugs and antibiotic resistance. The traditional filtration process is capable of effectively removing contaminants and providing excellent filtering at a low cost.

A Diverse Set of Applications

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of direct flow filtering solutions to fulfill the needs of environmentally and cost-conscious biopharmaceutical firms. With the introduction of new procedures, these technologies continue to advance. We have the most advanced new filtering technology in addition to the traditional technique. Companies that purchase Alfa Chemistry products may be confident that the products will expand with increased productivity, and the quality of the end product will improve with the addition of equipment.

  • Air Filtration Applications: Aseptic cGMP bioprocessing, which requires effective and dependable air, gas, and ventilation filtration

We have a variety of scalable air filter housings available, including stainless steel, high temperature, oxygenation, and one-time operation.

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  • Liquid Filtration Applications: Filtering membranes can assure high throughput and high flow rate when used for aseptic filtration of cell culture media, buffer protection, and bioprocess fluids, regardless of whether they are designed for effective aseptic filtration, bioburden, or particle control.

Particulate filters and liquid filter housings are among our offerings.

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  1. Herterich J. G, et al. (2017). "Optimizing The Operation of A Direct-flow Filtration Device." Journal of Engineering Mathematics. 104: 195-211.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.