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Biotech Tangential Flow Filtration Technology Solutions

The biotechnology cross-flow filtering product line from Alfa Chemistry includes everything from disposable modules to washable cartridges, as well as standard laboratory and benchtop systems and fully configurable process systems. These items are also scalable, allowing them to make the most of limited space.

Develop biotechnology tangential flow filtering applications that employ only a few milliliters of samples, then scale up to pilot and full-scale operations using the same membrane. Through training, testing, verification, and technical support, our support service makes implementing Biotech Tangential Flow Filtration technology in your operation a breeze. Alfa Chemistry collaborates with our customers to provide the most effective products for any purifying difficulty.

Cross Flow Filtration in Biotech

Tangential flow filtration (TFF), also known as cross-flow filtration (CFF), is a quick and efficient method for filtering and extracting biomolecules and particles from solutions (such as viruses, bacteria, or cellular materials). The product flow (feed) is directed tangentially over the membrane surface, and the majority of the solution is returned back to the feed tank in this process.

Dead end filtration and cross-flow filtration.Fig.1 Dead end filtration and cross-flow filtration. (Bhave R. R, et al. 2014)

When compared to typical filter (direct flow) filtration, the fluid dynamics of cross-flow filtration can reduce membrane fouling and sustain the filtration rate for extended periods of time, hence enhancing membrane flux. TFF also has the advantage of being able to reuse filter modules and having relatively cheap initial expenses. Tangential flow filtration can be used in a variety of biotechnological sectors.

Tangential Flow Filtration Applications in Biotech

In biopharmaceutical applications, microfiltration and ultrafiltration techniques are frequently combined with tangential flow or cross-flow filtration. The following are some examples of typical applications:

Tangential Flow Filtration Applications In Biotech

  • Concentration and desalination of protein, peptide and oligonucleotide solutions
  • Purification and recovery of antibodies or recombinant proteins
  • Concentration and diafiltration of vaccines and conjugates.
  • Fractionation of protein mixtures
  • Plasma separation and purification
  • Cell broth clarification, concentration
  • Clarification of Fermentation broths
  • Concentration and washing of bacterial cells
  • Water and buffer purification (removal of endotoxins)

Tangential Flow Filtration Solutions

1. Cassette Holders

TFF cassette holders come in a number of sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Featured product: Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassette Holders

The TFF bellows holder for medium and large production facilities has a small footprint but can carry a big membrane area.

2. Cassettes

The tried-and-tested T-series cassette design optimizes your process economy.

Featured product: T Series Diaphragm

High-performance PES membranes combine significant material and design improvements to provide highly reliable fluid dynamics and better process economics.


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