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Cord Blood Storage Solutions

Hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow have been used in stem cell transplants to treat leukemia and other blood illnesses for many years. Peripheral blood has recently emerged as a less intrusive source of stem cells, opening up a new avenue for stem cell therapy. Continuous clinical research and advancements in cord blood banks have propelled cord blood stem cells to the forefront of pediatric and adult patient treatment. Medical technology has progressed over time. Alfa Chemistry is always one step ahead of the competition. We are dedicated to making technological advancements in this industry.

Bag Sets for Cryopreservation of Blood and Cellular Components

Alfa Chemistry's cord blood collection, processing, and transplant bag sets meet all industry requirements. Every step of the cord blood stem cell collection, processing, freezing, and blood transfusion process is covered by our comprehensive product line, ensuring that the procedure is safe, dependable, and strong.

  • The cord blood stem cell processing and freezing bag set was developed by the blood center to process and freeze cord blood stem cells.
  • The freezer bag must be used to freeze and store the integrally attached pieces with the product in accordance with the AABB standard.
  • International and market approval has been granted for the transfer/freezing bag set, cell washing/infusion bag set, freezing bag, collection bag set, and umbilical cord blood sterile collection bag.

 Bag Sets for Cryopreservation of Blood and Cellular Components

Advanced Bag Designs

More than 70 malignant and non-malignant disorders, including sickle cell anemia, leukemia, non-lymphoma, Hodgkin's other forms of cancer, life-threatening anemia, and autoimmune diseases, have been successfully treated with cord blood stem cells. Alfa Chemistry, a leading provider in the cord blood banking sector, offers a comprehensive set of bags for preparing cord blood stem cells for treatment.

  • To ensure safe, consistent, and dependable product performance, we manufacture our collection and processing equipment in compliance with international standards and proven manufacturing procedures. Before being released, each bag is thoroughly inspected and can be traced back to its source using the batch number.
  • The volume decrease of our cord blood bag set makes the most of limited storage space, while the closed system processing eliminates sample loss and reduces the danger of contamination during processing. This technique yields high-quality samples suitable for transplanting.
  • Advanced Bag Designs

  • Our freezer bags come with enough tubes to prepare the fragments, allowing aliquots of the sample to be frozen and kept alongside the finished result. The use of tube segments for quality control testing prior to transplantation can limit the danger of contamination during the thawing process while also providing critical information for predicting treatment success.
  • Our unique freezer bag design separates the sample into two compartments to permit the infusion of 80 percent of the stem cells while leaving 20% of the stem cells for in vitro cell multiplication for disease treatments or patient populations that require greater cell doses. The ability to expand stem cells will considerably increase the applications of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells as science progresses.

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