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Filtration Solutions for Petrochemical Final Product

In petrochemical processing, petrochemical products that are about to leave the site are usually processed to remove solid and liquid contaminants. These liquid and solid contaminants (such as catalysts, corrosion products, water, liquid by-products, unreacted raw materials, etc) will reduce output, product quality, and reaction rate, as well as pollute and corrode distribution equipment and other process equipment.

Alfa Chemistry provides various final product purification solutions for various petrochemical processing industrial products, and these products become raw materials or final products for further material synthesis. Our final product processing filtration solution can ensure the purity of the final product and has a longer service life and better liquid removal ability.

Ensure Purity of Final Product

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filtration products and liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescer elements, which are contained in specially designed containers, optimized for critical service requirements. Filtration products can remove pollutants in the range of nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration, and separate free liquid pollutants, such as water, oil, acid, and caustic.

Petrochemical Final Product

  • The material of the filter A series is chemically resistant polypropylene, which enables it to filter various corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. Since no binder resin is used, it does not show media migration.
  • The filter B series can be used for various fluids with a temperature up to 205°C, because its polyphenylene sulfide filter medium adopts a 316L stainless steel core structure. The fibers in the filter are continuous. Without the use of binder resins or surfactants, the fibers are "bonded" by interweaving during the manufacturing process. Constant density media with tapered holes means longer service life, excellent gel removal capabilities, higher product yields, and lower overall costs.
  • Our coalescer filters can effectively separate liquid/liquid emulsions and liquid/liquid dispersions. Filters are available with or without separator stack specifications. Excellent liquid and particle removal efficiency can reduce the occurrence of substandard products. Due to the long life of the coalescer and excellent liquid removal efficiency, the overall cost of contaminant removal is also very low. Our specially formulated filter elements have a long service life, which can reduce the number of filter element replacements, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs and filter element disposal costs.
  • The high-flow filter is optimized to filter high-flow fluids efficiently. This filter is a large diameter, coreless, single-ended, pleated filter element with a flow pattern from the inside to the outside. The unique crescent-shaped pleated geometry of the filter, combined with its large diameter of 152.4 mm and a proprietary filter media series, can significantly reduce the use of filters and smaller housings for high flow rate applications.
  • The filter C series is made of polypropylene, has a wide range of chemical compatibility, and uses a unique media structure and crescent-shaped pleated structure to extend the service life and optimize the filtration of viscous liquids and dispersions. It has a filter element with a diameter of 63.5 mm and is constructed using a proprietary method of continuously changing the fiber diameter to form a tapered hole filter medium to achieve more effective filtration.

Petrochemical Final Product

The final product petrochemical purification filter maintains high quality under high capacity, thereby extending the service life of the petrochemical final product. For more information, please contact us to view purchase information or talk to an expert.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.