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Purification Solutions for Lentivirus Production

Lentiviral vectors are one of the most commonly used viral vectors for therapeutic purposes because they have specific functional properties, such as the ability to infect non-dividing cells and packaging capabilities. RNA-based vectors are designed to safely and effectively deliver genes to mammalian cells. Several lentiviral vector-based therapies are now being developed and tested in humans. It is difficult to develop a dependable method for producing lentiviral vector-based therapeutics. Due to their low stability, purification of these 80-120 nm envelope vectors is problematic.

Lentivirus Production

There are a variety of approaches to creating lentiviral vectors, but most of them follow the same fundamental steps with minor variations as needed. Alfa Chemistry has a skilled technical team available at all times to assist you in finding the optimum solution based on data and testing.



Adherent cell seeding: A closed disposable device for amplifying shear-sensitive adherent mammalian cells under regulated conditions is the Multiplate Bioreactor.

Adherent cell culture: We provide cell density bioreactors with integrated disposable technology to simplify processes involving adherent cells while also ensuring process safety.

Suspension cell culture: XRS bioreactor system is a disposable bioreactor system with unique agitation and control characteristics, specially designed for the suspension culture of mammalian cells under controlled conditions.

Clarification: This step is ideal for our filter membrane, which comes in a variety of sizes and qualities. For assistance in determining the optimum filtering technology for your process, contact us.



Purification (Chromatography): Expandable membrane chromatography capsules are a flexible option that lowers the consumption of buffers and shortens processing time as compared to typically packed bed resins.

Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF): Disposable tangential flow filtration modules using polyethersulfone (PES) membranes can be used in disposable TFF settings as ready-to-use gamma irradiation cassette modules.

Bulk Drug Substance Filtration: Membranes such as EKV, EX ECV, and EX EDF are suited for this stage and come in a variety of sizes and characteristics. For assistance in determining the optimum filtering technology for your process, contact us.

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