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Filtration Membranes and Materials for Diagnostics OEM

The medical diagnostic team requires dependable business partners with knowledge of technology advancements and cutting-edge engineering. Alfa Chemistry can deliver modern medical diagnostic solutions that are as accurate and efficient as possible. We recognize that the world of medical diagnosis is growing increasingly complex. We understand that you rely on our staff to deliver high-quality service so that you may provide outstanding service to your patients.

Alfa Chemistry offers the widest variety of microporous membranes and separation materials, such as:

  • Plasma Separation Membranes
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Sample Preparation
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Biomolecular Detection and Lateral Flow Assays

These items come in a variety of materials and can be used in a wide range of chemical situations. Our products are compatible with a wide range of sealing and sterilizing technologies.

Plasma Separation

We provide professional plasma separation membrane, which is a strong material used to swiftly and efficiently separate plasma from whole blood. With minimal hemolysis, the membrane may separate > 80% of theoretical plasma from a complete blood sample in less than two minutes. Multiple layers of membranes are also available to support your blood volume requirements for testing.

Please click here for additional information on plasma separation membranes.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of diagnostic analysis. Dirt, debris, and other particles may be present in non-clinical samples, all of which must be removed to get pure samples for examination. In addition, before analysis, clinical samples may require cleanliness or complexity reduction processes.

Medical OEM Membranes and Materials

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filter membrane products intended exclusively for the processing of diagnostic samples. We always have a material that can satisfy your preparation demands, from an asymmetric membrane that successfully eliminates particles and samples without altering the flow rate to a variety of low-binding clarity membranes that purify samples without binding to the target analyte.

  • Melt-blown PP (Polypropylene)
  • Nylon-Low Protein Binding
  • White Blood Cell Isolation

You can use our white blood cell removal medium if your test involves the removal of white blood cells to prevent contamination or the separation of white blood cells to collect nucleic acids. The medium is a fibrous material that selectively separates white blood cells from other cellular components in the blood sample while allowing the remaining cellular components to flow through the filter matrix.

Biomolecule Detection

Nylon membranes have been discovered to have better binding power, structural integrity that can tolerate a fixed temperature, and many detection and re-detection procedures when it comes to nucleic acids. Alfa Chemistry is familiar with your demand for greater sensitivity and has a long history of producing nucleic acid detection membranes. Nylon 6,6 polymer, which is largely non-polar with terminal amino and carboxyl groups, is used to make the nylon membrane. For nucleic acid detection, the membrane delivers great resolution, sensitivity, and low background.

Air and Gas Membrane Filtration

The nylon membrane is hydrophilic and does not need to be pre-wetted, making it simple to use. All of the membranes listed below can be used for nucleic acid transfer and detection:

  • Membrane A is a non-charged amphoteric nylon membrane. It possesses a strong biomolecule binding ability, as well as excellent sensitivity and nucleic acid retention. It's notably good for chemiluminescence, alkaline phosphatase, and other background difficulties in detecting systems.
  • Membrane B is a positively charged nylon membrane with a high-density quaternary ammonium group coating on the pore surface, making it extremely cationic. This positive charge is stable across a wide pH range and supports robust nucleic acid ionic interaction, making it ideal for nucleic acid transfer and detection. The best possible sensitivity to radioactive probes will be achieved with this positively charged nylon membrane.
  • Membrane C is a negatively charged nylon membrane having carboxyl groups in high density on the surface of its holes. Coupling processes with these groups can be used to derivatize membranes. It's great for affinity purification and reverse dot blotting.
  • Membrane Plus is a nylon membrane with a high isoelectric point that is positively charged. The film has a high isoelectric point and pore surfaces packed with high-density quaternary ammonium groups. It has the ability to deliver increased sensitivity while reducing background noise. It is the most sensitive nylon membrane for nucleic acid detection, and it is recommended for detection systems with a lot of background.

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Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.