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Polymer Filtration Solutions

Alfa Chemistry is dedicated to finding solutions for high-performance fiber, membrane, and resin filtration difficulties. Our filtration product portfolio can collect and eliminate common pollutants, resulting in the highest quality polymer products, while also lowering manufacturing costs and increasing efficiency.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

For many years, our team has been providing cutting-edge and innovative filtration process support solutions for the polymer industry. Our polymer filtration components and technologies, as well as various metal mesh filters, provide the most extensive solutions for all polymer manufacturers.

industry-recognized porous metal technology

Alfa Chemistry offers a complete line of polymer industry filters, as well as polymer filtering services. We have extensive experience with a variety of applications, including:

Polyester Fiber Production

To assure product purity and consistency, the polyester fiber manufacturing process necessitates an efficient filtration process. Alfa Chemistry's filtration solutions have been employed to give support throughout the manufacturing process.

Polyolefin Production

Because of its asymmetric progressive pore structure, our filter medium is specifically developed to improve particle collection. Contaminated raw materials will slow down the reaction and lower yield, or cause the end product to fail to fulfill customer or market transparency and cleanliness criteria.

The accumulation of fine PE powder throughout the polyolefin manufacturing process will lower the end product's quality and clog crucial equipment, resulting in costly maintenance downtime. Our filtration systems include filter elements that are more effective and long-lasting than the bag filters normally employed to remove these harmful substances.

Polycarbonate Production

Whether you're making the optical grade (OQ) or general-purpose grade (GP), failing to filter raw materials, prepolymers, and polymer melts properly can result in an unsuitable final polycarbonate product. We've devised a high-tech, balanced filtration approach that can increase product quality while reducing costly downtime, making polycarbonate manufacturing processes easier.

Polycarbonate Production

Carbon Fiber Production

For the ongoing manufacture of high-quality carbon fiber, a balanced filtration process is required. Alfa Chemistry offers a number of filtration solutions to ensure that gels and hard impurities in the coating are reliably removed, as they would otherwise have a negative impact on the carbon fiber's final tensile strength.

Polyester Resin Production

Alfa Chemistry's filtration solutions for the manufacturing of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins offer high-efficiency filtering at both the monomer and polymer phases, resulting in consistent and high-quality PET resins. By removing dangerous impurities such as agglomerates, gels, and hard pollutants, our innovative proprietary process decreases downtime.

Polyester Film Production

Filtration of polymer ingredients is required while extruding and stretching polyester or PET to manufacture polyester film. Our polyester film filtering solutions are specifically developed to eliminate gels and extend the life of continuous operations.

Nylon Production

Alfa Chemistry's high-tech filtering solutions for the manufacturing of nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 enable increased and balanced pollutant removal throughout the process, resulting in the best-performing nylon product.

Polymer Filtration Services

Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of services to help customers with their polymer filtration needs. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist you with your project, from start to finish, from design to testing the final product, and all in between. For your polymer application needs, we provide suitable training, design knowledge, testing, and support.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.