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Purification Solutions for Cell Culture

Biopharmaceutical cell culture conditions are becoming increasingly demanding. It's critical to improve the procedure. As more researchers select continuous cell culture methodologies to boost productivity, there is an increasing demand for innovative bioreactors and cell culture feed options.

Alfa Chemistry can handle all of your cell culture needs, including gene therapy, cell therapy, vaccine development, and monoclonal antibody development. Our cell culture technology is a fully integrated solution that improves the performance of your upstream process while also increasing the ease and dependability of operation.

Disposable Bioreactor

With the advancement of biomedicine, cell and gene therapies have demonstrated promising results, resulting in a significant increase in the number of entities in clinical trials. When it comes to clinical production, quality criteria must be met, as well as closed and scalable automated systems. The disposable bioreactor has the advantage of facilitating the rapid commercialization of biotechnology pharmaceuticals. Disposable bioreactors will have a significant influence as a replacement for the previous system.

Disposable Bioreactor

Alfa Chemistry offers a complete and scalable line of disposable bioreactors for the development of cell processes. We have the technology and solutions to fulfill your needs, no matter what they are. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the best bioreactor solution for your needs and getting the process started right away.

Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Suspension cell culture methods are used by some organizations to achieve large-scale manufacturing. This necessitates either moving the adhering cells to a new expression system or dissolving them in a solution. These modifications could have a significant impact on product quality, output, cost, and other aspects.

Alfa Chemistry can create a variety of innovative stirred tank reactors for you that will help you save money on disposable equipment and increase your manufacturing flexibility. For cell process development laboratories, the stirred tank reactor is an excellent alternative. It can meet a wide range of cell line requirements as well as powerful functions to suit the demands of dynamic processes.

Adherent Cell Culture

Adherent cells, which must be attached to a surface in order to proliferate, are the most frequent type of cell utilized in laboratories. The general two-dimensional approach is limited when a big number of adhering cells is required because it necessitates a lot of physical labor. As a result, they are vulnerable to pollution and other significant risks. These devices also lack the ability to monitor cells.

Adherent Cell Culture

The fixed-bed bioreactor is a disposable bioreactor that may be used to manufacture huge amounts of high-quality viruses for gene therapy and virus vaccination. This one-of-a-kind technique creates a three-dimensionally adjustable growing environment for cells while also reducing shear stress, allowing for a large number of cells to develop and viral output.

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