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Purification Solutions for Vaccine Production

Vaccines can effectively protect the human body from harmful bacteria, viruses and cell threats. Basic antigens include intact bacteria or viruses, as well as subunits such as polysaccharides or proteins, which can be combined with other proteins or combined with other adjuvants to enhance the immune response. The diversity of vaccine antigen types and the inherent variability of targets pose challenges for vaccine manufacturers. Accelerating the production of vaccines is essential to provide life support for human beings.

Vaccine Production

Antigens can not only be produced directly from target cells or viruses in vitro but can also be produced indirectly through recombinant expression systems. Current research focuses on the use of cellular genetic modification technology to produce antigens in the body. This genetic modification can be achieved using DNA or RNA.

Types of Vaccines

Each type of vaccine faces specific process development and manufacturing challenges. Therefore, there is no single vaccine manufacturing method. However, some flexible technologies can meet every challenge in the process development process. These customizable technologies can be applied individually, but they can also be combined to design an integrated platform to support rapid process development and guarantee the quality of life protection vaccines, in which closed systems and aseptic processes are essential.

Type of VaccineTypical ProcessAntigen
Nucleic Acid VaccineFerment
Chemical synthesis
Cell culture
Plasmid DNA (pDNA)
Messenger RNA (mRNA)
Recombinant vector vaccine
Recombinant vaccineCell cultureRecombinant protein
Recombinant virus
Subunit vaccineCell culture (mammalian/insect)
Fermentation (bacteria/yeast)
Recombinant protein
Polysaccharides and peptides
Bacterial toxoid vaccineFermentToxoid protein
Whole cell vaccineMammalian cell culture
Microbial cell culture
Live attenuated virus
Live Attenuated Bacteria
Microbial cell culture
Egg-based/mammalian cell culture
Inactivated bacteria
Inactivated virus

Alfa Chemistry's innovative process technology has made important contributions to the success of many vaccine production processes. We continuously strive to improve our solutions throughout the industry to meet your vaccine development and manufacturing challenges. Our scientific team can work with you to create a platform configuration that meets your specific vaccine production needs.

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