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Coalescers for Ammonia Liquid Separation

A high concentration of ammonia nitrogen is a common concern in the chemical filtration industry. Ammonia in the form of gas or ammonium ions is toxic to the environment. In order to meet the restrictions set by regulatory agencies, it is necessary to remove this compound in any form. The treatment of polluted water bodies can be accomplished through a variety of physical, chemical, and biological methods. Liquid-liquid separation is a very promising method that has been developed and proven to successfully selectively remove ions.

Ammonia Liquid Separation

High-efficiency filters, oil purifiers, high-performance liquid/liquid coalescers, and liquid/gas coalescers are essential for the filtration and separation of ammonia plants. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with efficient solutions for ammonia separation to support key industry needs. The key industry needs supported by our ammonia separation solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Raw gas solids removal
  • Compressor protection
  • Reaction gas purification for synthesis reactor protection
  • Oil removal from liquid ammonia
  • Liquid (water/hydrocarbons) removal from fuel gas
  • CO2 removal solvent filtration and carry over the elimination

Protect Against Oil Contamination

Oil contamination can lead to various unfavorable factors, such as substandard products, catalyst bed poisoning, heat exchanger fouling, and storage container cleaning projects. To prevent these possibilities, we can provide high-efficiency liquid coalescers, high-flow filter pre-filters, and liquid/liquid coalescers, which can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the standard of the liquid involved.

The pre-filter also functions as a pre-coalescer, so that the fine droplets in the emulsion begin to form larger intermediate droplets, which continue to expand in the coalescer medium.

Our Product Portfolio

Our pre-filter and coalescer products provide long-lasting and efficient solutions for separating oil and ammonia. The high-flow filter is a large-diameter, coreless, single-opening, pleated filter element with a flow pattern from the inside to the outside. The filter's unique crescent-shaped pleated geometry, combined with its large diameter of 152.4 mm and a proprietary filter media series, allows you to use fewer filters and smaller housings in high-flow applications.

Our Product Portfolio

The liquid/liquid coalescer is a high-efficiency separation filter element, which is entirely made of polyolefin material. This makes it useful for various liquid/liquid separations of materials in the chemical, flavor, and fragrance, and biotechnology industries. The coalescer medium contains a three-layer tapered pore structure. The emulsion first enters the inside of the filter element and passes through the coarse pre-filter layer to prolong the service life. The fluid then encounters the fine medium layer, which initiates the coalescence process and starts the expansion of the droplets. The coalescence process is completed by a layer of coarse media that maximizes the size of the coalesced droplets before the fluid leaves the outer layer of the coalescer cartridge.

We provide a wide range of products and solutions for the chemical industry. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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