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Filtration Solutions for Beer Production

By developing unique flavors and maintaining a unified flavor from bottle to bottle, brewery to brewery, and brand to brand, the beer manufacturing process must fulfill strict criteria to maintain the unique taste, flavor, purity, and freshness of a particular beer.

Maintaining this balance requires raw water quality, microbiological stability, sterile air and gas, yeast and bacteria removal, clarity, stabilization, and final filtration. Particles, crystals, processing residues, organic aggregates, bacteria, and yeast are all contaminants that can affect the taste of beer. When Alfa Chemistry's technology and expertise are used to the production of beer, risks are reduced and process control is achieved.

Alfa Chemistry is well-known for its commitment to technical improvement. We offer solutions and technologies for production and quality control (QC) to help you fulfill the rigorous standards of brewing beer or soda.

Sustainable Solutions for Beer Filtration

During the fermentation and maturation of beer, sediments and yeast are removed. Alfa Chemistry technique allows for clear beer without compromising flavour or froth stability. The solution changes depending on the brewery's requirements. For industrial-scale beer production, the hollow fiber cross-flow filtration system is recommended, while the depth filtration option is suited for most micro and craft brewers.


Alfa Chemistry provides solutions, expertise, systems, and stabilizing media for colloidal beer stabilization to provide the longest shelf life possible. Microorganisms that may cause deterioration after packaging are removed through microbial beer stabilization, often known as "sterile filtration." Alfa Chemistry's NEO technology can remove these impurities while preserving the beer's flavor and identity. In comparison to pasteurization, the NEO method offers greater microbiological safety, freshness, and taste stability at the same or lower cost.

Colloidal haze and particle filtering are crucial processes in ensuring product transparency and shelf life. After primary filtering or as the final important control point upstream of the filling, Alfa Chemistry's filter element solution helps remove undesirable particles.

By recovering high-quality beer from discarded yeast, brewers may save a lot of money. Alfa Chemistry use ceramic membranes to separate the maximum quantity of extract from the residual yeast while maintaining a high level of quality, hence boosting beer production and extract recovery. This enables for direct mixing back into the processing or brewing process at a later point.


Beer filterability has a well-known impact on brewing costs. Alfa Chemistry technology can manage a variety of filterability levels in beer without sacrificing efficiency or filter life. Smart procedures, innovative designs, and enhanced membrane cleaning give cost-effective, long-term solutions.

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