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Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has pushed the limits of science and technology to solve the most complex filtration, separation and purification challenges. We confidently address the growing demand for increased quality, efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and production with a diverse product portfolio and complete services for the biopharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries, and academic sectors. Experience quick start-up and simpler workflows with our products and platform solutions, which are ideal for laboratory and biological process application demands. Our mature solutions encompass liquid handling, fermentation, filtration, and fluid management, and range from consumables and laboratory water purification systems to industry-leading weighing technology. Learn how our bioprocess solutions can help you speed up the clinical pipeline, increase medication production efficiency, and lower costs.

Alfa Chemistry provides you with a wide range of basic filtration products, including media, membranes, filter plates, filter papers, etc.

Our laboratory filtration products are designed to support you in dealing with all filtration challenges. You will benefit from our standard product quality, performance and product consistency, which are critical to your continued success. Our products can filter almost everything, from air to aqueous solutions to corrosive solvents.

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Filter Products

Alfa Chemistry provides various types of filters to meet your experimental needs.

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Basic Filtration

Alfa Chemistry provides you with a wide range of media, membrane, filter plate and filter paper products.

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Filtration for Bioprocessing

Alfa Chemistry provides a variety of filtration products to support your biological experiment procedures.

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Filtration Equipment

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories to meet your filtration needs across industries.