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Careers with Alfa Chemistry

Transform ideas into action. Your dream position is just a search away. Our diverse team enables creativity and innovation and advances operational execution for our customers. We provide critical filtration, separation and purification solutions to meet the demanding needs of global life sciences and industrial customers . With so many areas to apply your innovative thinking, you're sure to find the one that fuels your passion.

Why Work at Alfa Chemistry?

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Part of Solution

With its products and services, Alfa Chemistry's team provides perfect solutions for various customers in multiple industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical care, laboratories, etc. If you also want to be part of the solution, please join our ambitions.

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Career Growth

Alfa Chemistry is one of the fastest-growing globa science companies, focusing on dynamic markets that will continue to strive for decades to come. We entrust our people with responsibility and in return expect the courage to take risks and make brave decisions to move forward.

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Global Cooperation

Alfa Chemistry operates in many countries, has important offices in many places, and has employees from various countries. We promote cross-disciplinary, cross-border, cross-cultural, and cross-social exchanges to grow and develop innovative solutions for our customers every day.

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The health of our people is very important to us. At many locations worldwide, employees benefit from a wide selection of health and well-being support. This reaches from a save working environment, to healthcare insurances, to preventive medical check-ups.

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Smart Working Environment

At many sites, Alfa Chemistry staff members work in smart buildings with the latest technology and equipment. The company offers a modern and open working environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

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Teamwork and Culture

Mutual support and joining forces with your team members to bring the next project to the finish line: Agile working in projects, an open corporate culture, and working on par with colleagues are givens. We give employees the freedom to do their best in their daily work.

Global Reach, Global Impact

Alfa Chemistry offers career opportunities at every level, giving youthe chance to
join our globally diverse team and apply your talents to meaningful work.

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