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Breathing System Filter for Medical Mechanical Ventilation

For mechanical ventilation in anesthesia and intensive care, Alfa Chemistry breathing system filters are developed to fulfill the highest performance and quality criteria. Various human pathogenic organisms and pathogens, such as influenza A virus (H1N5), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, pathogenic prion protein, and others, can be verified using a significant amount of data. They are used on the patient side of anesthetic ventilation to provide a reliable barrier that prevents cross-contamination between the patient and the ventilation system, allowing the respiratory system to be used for longer.

Our respiratory system filters are also utilized in intensive care ventilation to offer a physiological degree of humidification for the patient's breathing gas as well as a high level of protection from air and liquid-borne contaminants. The incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia was considerably lower in the patient group utilizing Alfa Chemistry respiratory system filters compared to the patient group using active humidifiers, according to a prospective, controlled randomized clinical research.

Mechanical Ventilation Applications

Anesthesia Gas Filtration

Cross-contamination between the ventilation system and the patients using anesthetic or intensive care mechanical ventilation will occur. Particles, bacteria, medicines, and other trash may be released into the environment by the patient's breathed gas, endangering the health of medical personnel.

During anesthetic ventilation, the breathing system filter we provide is utilized on the patient side to provide a reliable barrier to avoid cross-contamination between the patient and the ventilation system.

Anesthesia Gas Filtration

Anesthesia Multi-Use Circuits

As long as a new patient kit is provided for each new patient, a single anesthetic gas filtering system can be used for all procedures conducted within 24 hours. Using the same circuit for several patients has obvious benefits.

Medical Gas Filtration

Certain machines used in laparoscopic surgery and other minimally invasive surgery including insufflation, electrocautery, laser, or ultrasonic scalpel use might cause smoke to gather in the abdominal cavity, blocking the surgeon's vision and putting the patient's safety at risk. Such problems can be easily avoided by using our filters.

About Our Breathing System

Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

In the operating room, the multi-purpose anesthetic breathing circuit is utilized in conjunction with the Alfa Chemistry heat and moisture exchange filter to prevent infection and virus contamination. They offer the following benefits:

  • Patients should not be allowed to contaminate the machine.
  • Machine contamination should be avoided at all costs for patients and personnel.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes between operations in the operating room.
  • Reduce one-time costs by generating fewer medical waste.
  • Reduce the overall cost of the circuit

Ventilation And Breathing Products

Our ventilation and respiratory system filters are designed to keep the patient's respiratory system free of bacterial or virus contamination. Cross-contamination is common in mechanical ventilation and anesthesia, putting patients and workers in danger. Cross-contamination and infection are more likely during viral outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ventilation And Breathing Products

Filters in our respiratory systems can capture 100% of liquid germs, including enclosed bacteria. The elimination efficiency of bacteria and viruses in the air is at least 99.999 % in polluted human fluids.

We offer the following services: circuit first-class breath care filter and anesthetic filter.

All filter materials used in ventilation applications have been tested for the retention of a variety of therapeutically relevant airborne and liquid-borne viruses and bacteria.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.