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Filtration Solutions for Laboratory Cannabis Testing

Cannabis is a flowering plant that can be found in Central and South Asia. This plant has been prized for its hallucinogenic, medicinal, and fiber characteristics since antiquity. To assure consumer safety, thorough and reliable analytical testing are required as adult entertainment and medical marijuana become more widely legalized. Alfa Chemistry is a dependable cannabis laboratory analysis service provider. Quality is our benchmark, and customer safety is our first focus when it comes to cannabis testing.

Cannabis Testing

Alfa Chemistry offers a selection of filtration devices to help laboratories conduct cannabis testing and get the most accurate findings. Our products not only aid in the ultra-quick assessment of sample moisture and weight, but also in the safe preparation of samples for analysis.

Cannabis Sample Preparation Solution

Filtration during the preparation of cannabis samples can help you acquire better test results. Filtration solutions from Alfa Chemistry can help you accomplish cannabis sample preparation rapidly. Our comprehensive assortment of filtration devices make cannabis analytical stages easier to complete, allowing you to go to market faster.

  • To get accurate and dependable results for potency, pesticide, and terpene analyses, use syringe filters.
  • Conduct a sensitive membrane filtering test for microbiological contamination using a filter funnel.
  • Use nucleic acid binding products to make the PCR workflow's nucleic acid purification process easier, including yeast and mold contamination and determining plant strains.

Steps from R&D to final product

  • Research and product development

Our researchers will fully characterize the cannabis plant and all the ingredients involved in the production process, such as plant strains and terpenes, to ensure that you can produce safe products. Alfa Chemistry provides products for cannabis testing, such as PTFE injection filters and high-performance filter plates.

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  • Feeding and process monitoring

It is very important to accurately assess the pesticide residues and metal contamination in the feed, and to avoid contamination by bacteria, yeasts and molds. Cannabis testing is carried out throughout the production process to ensure that the output is safe. Alfa Chemistry provides nucleic acid binding products, such as 24, 96 and 384-well high-performance filter plates and centrifugal filters for strain determination.

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  • Final product release testing

Pesticides, metals, potency, and microbial contamination are contaminants that must be checked in the final product. Alfa Chemistry provides filter funnels for microbial contamination.

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Filter Funnels

Cannabis Testing

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Alfa Chemistry does not sponsor, promote or promote any illegal cannabis or cannabis-related products or services. Our products are only designed in accordance with all regulations for use in cannabis-related testing in a scientific or research activity-related manner.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.