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The productivity of mammalian cell culture is increasing as the cell culture technique is continually optimized, resulting in larger cell titers and mAb concentrations. These advancements have been followed by an increase in biomass, including cell debris and other contaminants, which has made clearing these fluids in preparation for downstream purification more difficult.

We thoroughly study a variety of technologies in order to identify a powerful platform that will perform well in a wide range of processes, particularly those requiring high cell density and time and fluid intensiveness.

Alfa Chemistry's powerful high-performance depth filtering technology helps you optimize your process costs. We've created a number of harvesting ways to accommodate a variety of process feed circumstances. Our product line is the finest choice for cell harvesting applications because it combines high-performance features with high-quality materials and ease of use.

Direct Clarification Using Depth Filtration

We provide a deep filtration-based mAb platform clarification platform for cell collection, which is a one-time, high-volume one. It is used to clarify monoclonal antibody cell cultures at a low cost without the use of centrifugation or process additives.

The two double-layer depth filtration stages are tailored for cell densities up to 35 x 106 cells/mL and culture turbidity up to 3000 NTU, and they retain high capacity even as cell density and viability fluctuate. This powerful performance reduces the impact of changes in feed flow and provides a wide range of platform performance ideal for a variety of cell cultures. It has a small footprint and high throughput.

To suit your future needs, try out our new clarifying platform. Request your modest platform, which should include the following:

  • Platform sample for up to 1 liter test solutions.
  • Our professionals will provide free assistance, including optimization methods.

Direct Clarification Using Depth Filtration

Direct Clarification Using Body-Feed

Our filter cake filter capsules are ideal for storing high solids load contents and are commonly used in the plasma separation process, the API sector, and several biotech harvesting applications.

If cell culture features (such as excessively high turbidity and cell density) make depth filtration uneconomical or impossible, adding process additives like diatomaceous earth (DE) can help remove biomass and may provide alternate solutions.

In these circumstances, a filter module with a storage room for filter cake is an alternative. The cake filter modules are built on the same simple-to-use clarity platform and can hold up to 13 liters of solids per module. As a result, they're well-suited to containing the high solids loading content that comes with DE.

Direct Clarification Using Body-Feed

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