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Purification Solutions for Protein Preparation and Detection

Reliable sample preparation and separation process is the key to the success of proteomics research. Effective steps can facilitate the discovery of life-saving and life-enhancing diagnostic and pharmaceutical products. Ineffective steps can lead to loss of valuable samples and time. Alfa Chemistry provides advanced filtration, analysis and purification solutions for protein preparation and detection. You can prepare for success with our protein sample preparation.

Rich Protein Sample Solution

The need for purified protein prompted us to develop porous filter plates to meet specific application challenges. Our ultrafiltration centrifuge equipment simplifies many common protein processing procedures. These devices can effectively concentrate and desalinize samples within a few minutes. We also provide chromatographic products to promote research needs, scale-up and refinement. Our membrane is recommended for chromatographic applications that require the purification of large molecules or faster flow rates. It has large convection pores and dynamic binding capacity, and is relatively insensitive to the effects of high flow rates.

Rich Protein Sample Solution

Chromatography-protein Purification

The purification of proteins from complex samples requires multiple chromatographic steps. Every step in the purification process needs to be optimized to maximize the yield and purity of the target protein. Therefore, small-scale purification experiments are used during the development and optimization stages to preserve valuable samples while providing critical information. Our product portfolio of 96-well filter plates and chromatography media can be used as an effective tool for separating small-volume protein samples.

Western Blotting

Western blotting is an analytical technique in molecular biology, often used to study and characterize protein post-translational modification, protein identification and protein production verification. Simple and effective Western blotting has applications in many environments, including basic scientific research, biopharmaceutical production, forensic medicine, and diagnosis.

Western Blotting

High-quality membranes are essential to assess the relative abundance of proteins for analysis. Our blotting membranes have high tensile properties and low background levels to support multiple detection methods without compromising quality.

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Protein Concentration and Buffer Exchange

Biomolecule purification involves a series of complex steps, including the selective separation of targets. The separation process usually requires desalting or concentration of the sample to prepare the biomolecule sample for the next step of the purification process. We provide a variety of technologies to perform effective sample concentration, desalination, and buffer exchange, including ultrafiltration spin filters, porous filter plates.

Ultrafiltration involves forcing a protein solution through a membrane with a defined molecular weight cut-off value. The protein does not pass through the membrane, while the other buffer components pass. This method is usually relatively fast and does not adversely affect protein samples. One of the other common applications is buffer exchange or desalting. Our ultrafiltration centrifuge unit can promote pure products with> 90% recovery in just a few minutes.

Alfa Chemistry provides a full range of ultrafiltration equipment suitable for various sample sizes. These centrifugal devices are specially designed to provide faster flow rates and easier operation.

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Protein Fractionation

We provide multiple solutions for small-scale chromatographic protein fractionation. Fractionation using ultrafiltration of complex protein solutions and separation of unbound or unbound labels from protein samples are some of the main applications of these centrifuge devices. It should be noted that this method is also suitable for removing cell debris after cell lysis to partially purify the protein product in the filtrate. Please contact us to learn about the advantages of 96-well filter plates for protein purification.

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