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Filtration, separation and purification

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Trusted Partner

Biotechnology, medical and laboratory

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Certified Company

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Filtration Solutions for Medical OEM Manufacturing

Alfa Chemistry has a proven track record of technological innovation, production excellence, and regulatory compliance as a trusted business partner. For diagnostic and healthcare applications, we supply you with one-of-a-kind and dependable medical OEM filters and solutions. Our broad range of medical OEM filter products gives you freedom and peace of mind. The innovative medical filtration equipment and microporous membranes product line provide high-performance features and quality compliance. You'll be able to locate a solution that meets your application's requirements.

Our Strength

Our technical experts will assist you in locating the best medical OEM filters to fit your diagnostic and healthcare application needs. Alfa Chemistry combines superior medical engineering and design experience with substantial membrane production capabilities to create unique and dependable solutions for your individual application demands. To ensure consistent batch performance and conformity with worldwide industry standards, we follow internationally recognized quality and principles.

Water for Patient Care

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of OEM membranes to its customers, including but not limited to:

  • Filtration membrane for liquids
  • Filtration membrane for exhaust and gas
  • Membrane for plasma separation
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Biomolecular Detection and Lateral Flow Assays
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Sample Preparation

Advantages of Alfa Chemistry OEM Membranes

  • Microporous materials come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
  • Performance and design features galore
  • Compatible with the most popular equipment assembly and sealing methods
  • Compatible with a variety of sterilizing techniques
  • Particle retention efficiency has been proven
  • Documented evidence of adherence to international medical standards

New Breathing System Filter

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a variety of OEM equipment, including but not limited to the following:

  • Filtration Devices for Infusion Therapy and Drug Delivery
  • Medical Air and Gas Filtration Devices

Advantages of Alfa Chemistry OEM Devices

  • Multiple device configurations and customization options
  • Provides a variety of pore sizes and filtration capabilities
  • Manufactured according to strict specifications and strict quality standards
  • Documentary proof of compliance with international medical standards
  • Strong batch-to-batch consistency

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.