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Molecular Sieve Protection

A molecular sieve is a desiccant and helps prevent product degradation. It is an aluminosilicate, which absorbs water vapor from the air through its 3D structure. This material is very suitable for products that require low humidity and remain stable when the temperature rises. Molecular sieves are the most aggressive of the main desiccants and the first choice for the most demanding and unique applications.

Molecular Sieve Protection

A notable feature of this harmless synthetic product is the ability to control the uniformity of the pore opening during the manufacturing process, which produces selective adsorption characteristics, which can be very useful for drying and packaging without removing other required molecules. Molecular sieves can keep moisture at temperatures far above 450°F (230°C), and because of their high affinity for moisture, they can reduce the relative humidity in the package to 10%.

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with excellent molecular sieve protection from liquid/gas coalescers to maximize process efficiency. When used upstream of the molecular sieve bed, the liquid/gas coalescer can provide ethylene producers with a proven three-year desiccant life.

Molecular Sieve Protection Solution

The cooling of the compressed gas will produce a very fine aerosol mist smaller than 5 microns, which is difficult to separate the mist eliminator and knock-down can. This condensate can adversely affect the molecular sieve. Temperature and pressure fluctuations during the cycle will evaporate the remaining hydrocarbons on the screen and may crack the surface structure.

  • Our coalescer products are designed to remove almost all hydrocarbons and water-based aerosols in the gas, with a concentration of 0.003 ppm to 0.01 micron. It can be placed directly after the separation barrel in the gas pipeline.
  • The coalescer can also remove solid particles of 0.3 microns and larger with an efficiency of 99.99%, thereby protecting compressors and turbine equipment, amine glycol contactors, burners and combustion equipment, molecular sieve drying beds and other desiccants and adsorption agent beds.
  • The coalescer adopts a high flux oleophobic/hydrophobic medium, which can quickly discharge the coalesced liquid in the filter element, so that it can handle high gas velocity and liquid load without entrainment again.
  • The coalescer can remove various liquids, including excess free water and oil-based mist.

Molecular Sieve Protection

Application and Advantages

  • Prevent damage to the catalyst
  • Clean dirty fuel and instrument gas
  • Remove lubricating oil from ammonia
  • Reduce compressor valve replacement
  • Protect low and ultra-low NOx burners with clean gas
  • Extend the service life of adsorbent drying bed in ethylene processing
  • Prevent damage to the turbine and reduce maintenance intervals
  • Minimize sweetness and foaming tendency in a dehydration unit
  • Minimize the loss of amine and glycol downstream of the gas desulfurization and dehydration unit
  • Purify exhaust gas from lubricating oil, water, compressor wear products, corrosion products, and other solids

Using our coalescer to purify the gas stream can extend the life of the upstream process while improving performance. For more information, please contact us to view purchase information or talk to our experts.

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